Monday, March 12, 2012

Long on work, short on thrifting

It's been a long past week, my friends!  I worked close to 55 hours between Wednesday and Saturday, fifteen and a half of those hours being on Saturday, after which Daylight Savings cruelly shortened the not-working time on me.  I did actually got a smidgen of thrifting in today.  I was spending time with my folks and we dropped some things off at the Goodwill near their house, and my mom and I ran in to see if they had any tall, skinny shelves that might fit in one area of my booth that really could be put to better use.  No joy on the shelf front, but I did find:
A nice old velvety-soft men's fedora, 
A pretty brass two-sided makeup mirror 
And a cute, kitschy little ceramic elephant planter with a wood-grain finish (not yellow, alas!).  

I just got home, however, and did not bother to bring these items in from the car, so no photos for you (maybe tomorrow).  

And now I feel like the Soup Nazi of thrifting pictures.  So to make up for it, I will tell you one exciting thing!  When I stopped by the booth Sunday with friends, I was giddy to find that I had finally actually sold an article of clothing.  Yay me!

Which article is that, you ask?  Did I finally break the gender barrier and sell some vintage women's item?  Oh no, my friends.  That is not the case.  What I did sell, was this:

Iust the uber-funky gray and
black zipper sweater, not the
hat with the jaunty green feather.
And another very thrifty thing I can share with you all is the totally free way we spent our early evening (forgive the picture quality, I didn't have my camera with me and had to settle for trying to capture the pretty on my phone):

Walker Pond at dusk.
My Pop did a bit of fishing and chatting with a new fishing buddy he's run into there once before, while I took a stroll with my Mom around the lake.  The weather was exquisite, the bats were feasting on early mosquitoes (go bats!), and Dad caught 4 fish.  Bliss, without spending a dime.  Me and Daylight Savings made friends again, after an evening as beautiful as this.

And while this post hardly merits it, I'm linking up with Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday again (because it's Monday for 3 more minutes!).

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