Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prepped some goodies for a holiday bazaar

Every year where I work they host a holiday bazaar where they let vendors set up in the office - from crafters and artists to things like Pampered Chef, and this year I get to set up a table, and the folks I work with will get to see what my "other job" involves.  And if I'm lucky, I'll make a little money!  The sale is on the 30th, and I want to be sure to turn out the best little treasures I can, so I've been spending a little time sorting through and cleaning up some gems that have been neglected in my garage for far too long.

First up, a thick, soft, lovely vintage camel-colored cashmere sweater:

Followed by a great pair of men's tweed caps:

The camel-colored one on the left is by Lands End.

This is the label inside the herringbone tweed one.  It reads:  "Donegal Handwoven.  This tweed was handwoven from pure new wool in my small cottage in Donegal, Ireland.  Like my forefathers, I have put something of my own character into this cloth.  Ruggedness to wear well, softness for comfort, colours from our countryside.  Joy and health to you who wear this."  And it's signed Daniel A O'Donnell, Weaver.  How cool is that?

Next up, a very pretty mid-century gravy boat with a blueish pine-cone pattern:

And a pair of bright, sunny, lemon-meringue-looking yellow/milk-glass bowls:

The polka-dotted mushroom toothpick holder I put in the shop got snatched up immediately, but no worries, I've found another!  This one's only got flowers painted on, so you can see the wood underneath:

And check out this awesome retro (but I think repro, rather than actually vintage) brushed aluminum ice bucket/martini glasses set!:

There's plenty more of course, but I also wanted to be sure to let you know that this weekend, you can avoid the Black Friday madness by shopping local, shopping green and shopping frugal all at once!  Kenrick Antique Mall is having a big sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and 2ndhand Moon (booth 78!) will be 30% off every single item.  And don't forget, if you buy something from 2ndhand Moon, post a picture and tag us on Facebook, I'll send you a special one-time-use speakeasy-style password for a discount on the item of your choice on your next visit to the booth!

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  1. love your "shopping local, shopping green, shopping frugal" :) love me some cashmere! hope u have a good turn out on the sale.

  2. I'm very interested in your Donegal Handwoven cap. I lost mine some years ago and have been looking for a replacement ever since.