Saturday, November 3, 2012

Light metal, and more needlework

Hey guys!  Just wanted to share a few nifty bits I picked up recently.

First, how about some mid-century metal?:

Cool little regency-esque vanity stool

Dontcha love the harlequin-diamond pattern?

Another great pierced-metal-patterned magazine rack
Speaking of racks - this heavy bronzey-brassy rack with soft fuzzy coverings
on the little rungs all along is meant for holding your vinyl at the ready,
possibly on a mod-sexy mid-century console stereo?  

It's a Lyric record holder.  So cool!

The stool and the magazine rack came from the Goodwill near my work.  I'm always shocked by the good stuff I find on my lunch break - and the prices were still reasonable.  The record holder was more than reasonable!  I got it from St Vincent de Paul in North County, where they've started doing a thing where they put things on sale a little more for each week they've been there.  Great deal!

But if all that cold metal isn't your thing, here's some warm and fuzzy for you (as in yarn!):

Pretty crewelwork apple tree with a bluebird on a gold background.

The wording on this one is printed on the fabric,
but the crewelwork and cross-stitching is real.

This has the look of an old Dutch style pattern in pretty colors
that aren't coming through that well on camera - too overcast today.
Well, and I was in an underground parking garage!

I believe two of these came from the Salvation Army on North Lindbergh, and the third from the St Vincent de Paul I mentioned before.  So pretty!

Here are all three, to show the relative size of them.  I really love the apple tree!

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  1. I love all of your awesome metal finds. Thrifting on the lunch hour sounds like fun! I used to shop on my lunch hour and spend half of what I earned. I work from home now, so it takes more to get me out of my chair! :)

    1. That might be safer/cheaper! I don't spend much but it means I also grab fast food, which is bad in a lot of ways!

  2. Oh, I am loving the metal pieces. They are awesome and look like they are in good shape. Thank you for sharing at TTF. Have a fun week!

    1. Thanks Diann! You too, and thanks for hosting!

  3. Great finds! My faves are the stool and the magazine rack, but it's all fantastic!

    1. Thanks! I love the magazine rack, but it needs a bit of cleanup work.

  4. The metal pieces are fab! Any plans for them? Nice job! Thank you for linking up at Cap Creations. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks for hosting the link up! Pretty much anything I pick up, I'm willing to sell in my antique mall booth or elsewhere (I'm doing a space at a Holiday Bazaar at the office where I work at the end of the month), but I also am always scoping out gifts for friends and family and things I need at home. The stool and the record rack will most likely be re-sold. The magazine rack I'm not sure about yet.

  5. I used to thrift on my lunch hours too, there were many thrifts to choose from near my office. I looove the finds, I have a weakness for metal racks and needlepoint works.

  6. It's fun, isn't it? It feels exciting, like I'm cheating on the day job!