Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Have I mentioned how much I love Fall?

I really, really love Fall.  I love everything about it (except the allergens)!  And here are a few of the reasons:


This particular Autumn weekend was pretty great.  Saturday I made a really good (and large!) thrift find which I'll show you in a minute.  Sunday was super festive.  We were participating that evening in a (to me) new phenomenon known as the Trunk or Treat, so the whole day ended up being festive.  After church and lunch with the crew we went back over to Todd and Beth's house and there was pumpkin carving and caramel apple making and a fire in the fire-bowl-thingy - all great fun!


Do you guys know about Trunk or Treat? I did not, and I was skeptical at first - people let their kids trick-or-treat out of the trunks of cars in a parking lot?  But it was really fun!  In a way it's like a parade, in that there's a competition for decorating your car for Halloween, but really just your trunk (don't waste your time decorating the front seats like I did - you can't really see that part of the car during the actual event!).  Of course, I decorated thrift-style.  I used some of my vintage clothing collection, plus some newly thrifted pieces just for the event, and made a ghost family in my car:

My dear friend Tora, showing off the ghost children,
Jacob and baby Marley, and the ghost dog, Casper.
Plus a dancing skeleton.  Just for fun!
Ghost parents George and Marian Kerby.  Marian lost her head again,
but I fixed her before the kids came!

My decorations were nothing compared to most of the other cars though.  Here's Todd and Beth's:

How awesome is that??

There was one that was done by a whole group of people who staged the entire Wizard of Oz out of the back of a truck, complete with cornucopia-hat sporting muchkins.  Unfortunately I failed to get a picture of that at all, but it was a really good time, including the chili cookoff that went along with it, where my friend Beth was robbed - her chili was so, so good you guys!

This morning I got to pick up the awesome thrift find I made on Saturday at Red Racks on Gravois.  Wanna see?  Much more exciting than the ghost-people's thrifted clothing above, I promise!:

There are actually 4 chairs, and a leaf for the table.  I adore the chairs!

Check out the splayed, tapered legs!

And a better shot of the awesome diamond detail of the chair backs!
The sort of blond pickled finish is in bad shape and one of the chairs has a semi-bum leg but it's sturdy, solid wood and the green vinyl seats seem to be in good condition, and once I find something smaller to practice on, I'm going to try redoing it.  In the mean time, it's nicer than the table I have anyway!  I haven't had much luck at first Google trying to ID it.  The chairs are marked "Valley Furniture Manufactures", and "Limed Modern Tan 20".  If anybody has any information on it, I'd love to know! 

I'm so thrilled with my new dining set, I'm sharing it on all these link-ups.  Go check them out!:

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  1. Ha! The ghost kid is hilarious. Those table and chairs are too perfect.

  2. Thanks, It was an awesome deal - not as cool as free Heywood Wakefield (I'm still dying over your score - how's the refinishing going?, but I love it so much!

  3. The dining set is AWESOME!!! Yeah I just screamed that cause it's that AWESOME! Thanks for sharing at Cap Creations. I've featured you today!