Saturday, December 10, 2011

Elves and gnomes and whatnot. Oh my!

Hi everybody!  Just got home from a fun evening with friends.  Met up for dinner, went to watch their daughter's play (if you're reading this, Rachel - you did a great job!), had coffee and chatty time, then went back to their house to watch a movie.  More on that later.  First, let's rewind....

I stopped in at a couple of estate sales this morning (I use the term morning rather loosely), and made a few little finds.  Most interestingly, a couple of awesome retro Christmassy items:

Vintage Christmas lights, still in the box, with adorable snowman graphics.

Fantastically kitschy old ornament with plastic deer and tree.  
I love it so much that I want to call it George!

I picked up a few other things today, but before I show those off, I have to share some other Christmas kitsch I've found.  I picked these up on that same St Vincent de Paul trip that kicked off my blog to begin with:
Awesome elfin ornaments!
I love elves, gnomes, leprochauns - pretty much all small, pointy-featured people, so these give me such a smile!  I especially love that the red-felt-bellied one has a little polka-dotted mushroom with him, which you can't see in the pictures.

And while this one isn't Christmas-related, I have to share another little elf-man who's come into my life recently:
I believe he came from the Salvation Army up off of highway 70.  
Beth - weren't you with me when he begged to come home?  I love his dopey expression.

Which brings me back to tonight's movie.  We went through a zillion suggestions (starting with Mister Smith goes to Washington, all the way through The Thin Man, Fight Club, Everything is Illuminated and an actual attempt to watch Trainspotting that even the Netflix server itself couldn't handle tonight).  I really can't remember, or much imagine, how it happened, but we then ended up watching a film that sort of (marginally) goes along with my gnomes and elves.  Troll Hunter ended up being... sort of amazing, and a little bit wonderful.  The best way I can think of to describe it is to ask you to imagine that The Blair Witch Project was: 
A. Norwegian
2. About giant trolls who live among the fjords and mountains and whatnot and are hidden by a government conspiracy and
C. hysterical, in a very "serious" way, all while still being suspenseful and fairly scary.  
I think it would have been even better if we knew a bit about trolls in Norwegian folklore, but even without that, we found ourselves giggling through much of the film and worrying about the fate of the characters.  If you don't mind subtitles or the absurd, are okay with massive suspension of disbelief and aren't burned out on mocumentaries, you might enjoy Troll Hunter.


  1. First of all - I love your blog! I love your kitsch. AND I'm going to have to get a hold of that movie! I KNOW a thing or two about Norwegian Trolls. How random is that?

  2. Thank you! I don't think I've ever met a kitschy oddball item I didn't like. Definitely check out Troll Hunter. It took us a moment to decide if it was okay to giggle - that's how good they are at playing it straight. It won't go on my top 10 list or anything, but it was definitely fun to watch - especially as a relief after cringing through most of Trainspotting. How did you come by a knowledge of Norwegian trolls?