Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas thrifts?

I may have just outdone myself.  I just spent $0.13 on a Christmas present.  And I think the intended recipients will love it!  I can't share this online thrift score with you all just yet, of course - it's a secret!  But here's the hint I just sent the giftees on Facebook (names have been changed for their privacy):

‎Mr Transformer and Mrs Transformer: be on the lookout for a package addressed to "Transformer Family", sometime in the next 5 to who knows how many days, from a seller called "betterworldbooks_". The underscore, is apparently part of their name. I have ordered you something for Christmas. Used. And sight-unseen. And for exactly $0.13, plus shipping. Enjoy!

So what do you think - am I horribly tacky for thrifting a gift?  Or for bragging about it?
Somehow I don't feel tacky at all.  I feel giddy.  Can't wait to hear how they liked it.

And with that, I have just noticed that it is past 2:00 am.  Good night(morning) all!


  1. Are you tacky for thrifting a gift? NO. Are you tacky for bragging about it? NO. That's a victory if I ever saw one! Job well done.

  2. Hee, thanks! I think they'll get a kick out of it - it was definitely an impressive bargain.