Thursday, December 29, 2011

Don't know why I love you like I do....

I can't really explain why I felt the overwhelming need, but I bought a rocking chair.  Not only that, but a rocking  chair curlicued somewhat like this one, being enjoyed by a very cheerful Pablo Picasso:
Pablo Picasso relaxing in his rocking chair in his studio.
The chair figures prominently in some of his work.

His painting called "The Rocking Chair"

But the one I bought, while curlicued, is not a classic bent-wood, caned rocker.  Oh no, that would be entirely too ordinary to catch my attention (although now that I've seen how much Picasso loved his, I fear I may have been missing out all this time).  Mine is a bright red tubular steel version with a rounded Windsor-style back and a white vinyl seat.  So if you should choose as the great artist did above to enjoy it in the near-altogether, you would not have waffle-skin upon rising, but you may well leave skin behind (or behind-skin!) adhered to the vinyl.

It's too late and too dim in my house to get a decent picture of the thing tonight, so I searched through 20 pages of Google images for a "metal rocking chair", but found nothing like what I've got here.  Fret not, it's not any kind of rare designer piece.  It has a label - made in Taiwan by Yu Wei Co., Ltd.  Googled them, too, and found pictures of cribs (apparently recalled for safety issues - uh oh!), but nothing of this chair.  So, in spite of the poor lighting and the fact that I haven't yet cleaned it up, here's a phone-shot of the chair:

Excuse the mess in the background - some of my
vintage clothing collection awaiting the new
hanging rack I have yet to actually bring home
from my parents' house from Christmas.

It's not likely to have inspired Picasso, but there was just something about it.  The small price tag, for instance!  And the fact that my Grandpa's rocking chairs (which looked nothing like this, but were also made of metal, and also do not appear in any Google images that I can find) have long been symbolic for me of blessed childhood memories.  And also there's the simple fact that it's a chair.  I kind of have a thing for chairs in general, and generally speaking, this is a chair!  Now if only it went with... anything else I own...

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