Friday, December 9, 2011

A note on Albert Pujols

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I know this blog is meant to be about my thrifting/vintage ways, but as a St Louis native and lifelong Cardinals fan, I can't help but toss in my two cents on the departure of arguably one of the greatest baseball players in history.  And my two cents amount to, basically, this:
Bummer.  Good luck Albert.  Let's go Cards!

I think it may have been a mistake for Pujols to take the Angels' offer in the long run in terms of quality of life.  Ask Stan the Man, Lou Brock or Ozzie Smith what it's like to spend your post-retirement years in a community that loves and reveres you.  St Louisans would defend Stan Musial with their dying breath.  It's an amazing accomplishment to be one of the Best of baseball's elite.  It's bound to be even cooler to also feel the love every day.  Heck, you don't even have to stay in St. Louis forever to get that love - we're that kind of town.  Ask Willie McGee, who received a standing O every at-bat when he was playing AGAINST us, and is still treated like a cross between visiting royalty and a favorite uncle every time he comes into town.  But Willie got traded (and he came back, before retiring back to his home town).  Pujols walked away of his own accord.  Away from the "best fans in baseball" to Southern California for a fat paycheck, and most Cards fans aren't going to get over that easily.  But you can't argue with the man that it was a bad move financially, or career-wise.  He's getting truckloads of money and flat-out guarantees for 10 years, and he can fall back to designated hitter when it comes to that?  He's 32 (or something).  He's probably already peaked. And he's only human.  I doubt it's all about the money, but it's not easy to turn down that many zeros.  And a guarantee of 10 years in the sport he loves?  I think he probably will have some regrets in retrospect.  I think the Angels are bound to sooner or later.  But I have none.  I'm glad St Louis didn't spend obscene amounts of money to keep him.  I'd like to see that money invested in some young up-and-coming talent, some solid team players, and/or maybe, just maybe, a start on Ballpark Village.  I wish Albert well.  But as one of the best fans in baseball, all I have to say is "Go Cards!"

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