Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More of yesterday's finds

Yesterday at St Vincent de Paul was so much fun!  I was like a little kid going through the store - everywhere I looked were things I loved and needed, and since there was nobody to tell me to knock it off and stay in the cart, like there was when I was little, I came home with quite a few treasures.  Three more here:

Isn't that a cute little collection of colors?  The blue is a plastic water pitcher with a cup for a lid in a cute Jetsons kind of shape.  I think it might be the kind they used to provide for your bedside at hospitals.  Honestly my favorite thing about it though is the logo on the bottom.  There were 3 of them.  I bought the 2 that still had their lids.  The pink is, of course, melmac, with which I am mildly obsessed.  I use a set of blue speckled melmac as my all the time stuff, but I couldn't pass up the fair-sized stack (no dinner plates, but quite a few cups, saucers and bowls) of this pink.  How could I?  And the yellow Pyrex is a score, since the lid is intact save a small chip on one corner.  Does anyone know how to get the pencil-scratch looking marks off of colored Pyrex without rubbing off all the color?  I need to figure that out because the color is in great shape except for all the gray marks all over it...

Anyway, that's three more of my finds.  I'll try to get a picture of my most exciting score from yesterday soon.

And if you know anyone in the market for some of these treasures, let me know.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Is there a St. Vincent's in every town in the US? ha

  2. I dunno, but if there's not, there oughta be - one of my favorite places to shop, even back in our college days. I still have that Vera scarf I got at the one in Abilene...