Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New alley-shelf and a whole lotta Swiss Alpine

When I first rented booth 78 at Kenrick Antique Mall, I had lots of items to sell, but not a lot of good ways to display them.  Here's how it looked, last February:

A fair bit of inventory has come and gone since then, and lots has changed, but until today, the crummy little shelf in the third picture above has remained in the space.  It really was a crummy little shelf.  It's former owners thought so - they hadn't even bothered to donate it to a thrift store.  I found it in an alley shortly before the date I was supposed to move into the booth, and gratefully hauled it home in spite of it's slightly warped and wobbly nature so I would at least have something to display items on.  A few days ago, on one of my alley "shortcuts" I occasionally take for this very purpose, I found a somewhat less crummy shelf!  So today, Alley Shelf #1 was retired (I did donate it to the Value Village next door to the Antique Mall, because while it's crummy and warped and wobbly, it is still a shelf, not garbage), and replaced by New Alley Shelf.  Here it is in the booth:

New Alley Shelf in his new home, next to the Globe Drug liquor shelf I picked up a few weeks ago.
It fits perfectly in the same space as Alley Shelf #1, but is taller and deeper, which opens it up to more light, so the items displayed thereon are more displayed than just stored.

I also added a few recently acquired treasures to the booth, to gear up for the big sale this weekend!  Wanna see?

First, some more vintage clothing for Halloween costumes!  Zombies are the best scary creatures, in my personal opinion, and I think High School aged girls are probably the scariest zombies of all, so I brought in some dresses from various times and styles, so you can be a Prombie!:
Prairie/granny prombie
Square Pegs prombie

70's flamenco prombie
Floral curtains prombie

And a couple of other 70s pieces:

Men's floral 70s shirt
Blue lace polyester jacket

I also added this awesome vintage wind-up alarm clock that I picked up at an estate sale:

Now there's ticking in my booth.  If you stop by, give it a wind, will ya?

And I forgot to show you a couple of last week's additions, this pair of Glasbake dishes with a pretty autumn leaves pattern, and this cool mid-century magazine rack:


Back to today's new additions, I found this adorable little picket-fence shelf-thingy at the Goodwill pound store awhile back, and finally got around to fitting it in once the bigger shelf and the magazine rack made a little extra space on the blue and white table:

It's for sale for $14, but in the mean time, it's displaying some items that have been in the booth way too long.  This cute set of milk glass cups and saucers:
 And these Southern Comfort glasses:

Both of the above have new, lower prices on them, because they deserve happy new homes, sooner rather than later!  I didn't mark them with sale prices, just put new tags on, because that way they'll be 25% off even of these new prices over the weekend.  When you do a percent-off sale in your booth, the mall doesn't count items already marked as on sale.

And the best new addition this week, is a pretty big lot of some very pretty dishes.  Made in USA, too!  I read somewhere that they were once a promotional item given out by service stations.  I adore the pattern, with it's pretty blues and greens and the sort of star burst the layout forms on the dishes.:

The set is pretty big.  2 large plates or small platters, 5 regular sized plates, one large bowl, 8 berry bowls, 8 saucers and 4 cups.  The strangest thing is that I sold a sugar bowl of this same pattern very early on in my booth, in February or March, and since then I've acquired 2 more of the exact same sugar bowl.  All three have been in good shape with the lids intact, but I have never once found a creamer.  Also, I forgot to bring one of the 2 sugar bowls I still have at home with me to add to this lot.  Oops!  If it's still there after this weekend, I'll add the sugar bowl to the set for the same price, but at 25% off $46, I'm hoping it will all be gone!  Besides, I love the pretty pale blue on the sugar bowls, and the matching pair of them would be cute little cotton ball and swab holders in a bathroom if I sold them together!

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  1. Great new shelf! Also, love those dishes - if I were closer I would be tempted to pick them up since I am looking for a new vintage set for use in my kitchen. How do you price your Halloween costume items by the way?

    1. That pattern is still fairly easy to find around, I think. At least, the bunch I've accumulated indicates as much. And the colors are great!

      The items I've put in specifically with Halloween in mind I've priced really low - from $7.00-$17.00 depending on what it is. And it'll be even 25% off that on Saturday and Sunday, so hopefully there will be some vintage ghoulies running around St. Louis this year!

  2. I'm really digging the magazine rack!

    1. Come and get it! I'd love to know it's going to a good home, and it'll be on sale this weekend :)

  3. All of your pieces are great! The dishes are lovely and nice score on the adorable shelf, I think I'd like to paint and shabby it up! Thank you for sharing your spot on Cap Creations. I will be featuring you later today.