Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some previously un-posted treasures

I didn't get pictures of all of the items I sold at the Green Shag Market sale, but I did snap a few shots while setting up, so there are some shots of items I haven't posted here before, and in actual natural light!  So of course, I'm happy to show them off!:

First, some awesomeness from a handful of estate sales I attended a couple of weeks ago:

How mid-century fabulous is this green iron?  Starflite, with gold star burst, even!  It's sitting on top of a chrome bread box I finally rescued from my garage for the sale (sadly, it ended up back in the garage un-sold).

Super cute little Jade 8 radio.  I bought AA batteries to test it out - was hoping to listen to
NPR during the sale.  Unfortunately, It takes a 9 volt.  Oops!

The ice pack inside is plaid and just as cool as it's original box with fantastic graphics and fonts.  Love it!
These I found in a garage, with all dusty/greasy tools and things.  Only 5, but an adorable made-in-Japan set!

Next, a seriously cool mid-century plant stand, and the treasures I displayed upon it:

It's bigger than most of these I've seen - you can see the child-sized card table next to it for perspective. 
This cute chalkware guy is in really good shape.  Found him at the Goodwill by my work. 
I can't remember where I found this awesome gold glazed planter.  I didn't take a very good shot of it though, did I?

This planter was snatched up at a local Salvation Army awhile back, and the kitty was,
appropriately enough, rescued from the Goodwill "Pound" Store.

The fiery glazed little planter was actually in one of my very first blog posts.  The tall yellow vase is Haeger, bought at September's last Wednesday 50% off sale at Value Village.  I can't remember where I got the cool candlestick, but if I'd had two of them, they would have sold on Saturday.

This wooden pestle I picked up at the Pound Store appears to be very old.  I just like the way it looks all organic/rustic.  And do you see the Mister Wizard book behind it?  The cover is priceless; wish I'd thought to snap a shot!

I have more pics to share, but it's getting late, so more next time.  Hope your having great luck in the hunt, and check out the Nifty Thrifty Tuesday linkup at Coastal Charm.  I know I am!