Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter vintage

Last Tuesday when I was at the booth, the mall was putting up Christmas decorations.  I, in my newbie-seller wisdom commented that it's just too soon, it makes me nervous, etc., but it got me thinking.  October was... not good, sales wise for me.  I need to actually make some sales for the holidays, and step things up.  I almost backed out of the weekend's road trip to spend a couple of days totally revamping my booth, but...  obviously, I didn't.  So I'm just going to have to go a bit at a time and see what I can do.  So today, I started on the clothing side of things.  I went in and pulled out all the Halloween stuff, and all the stuff that's really just not appropriate for the weather anymore, and added in coats and jackets and dresses.  Some of these are things I had in there when I first opened up shop last February, some are newer finds I have picked up at estate sales and thrift shops over the last few months.  I think all of them are pretty fabulous.  What do you think?

First, a full-length deep orange wool coat with wide collar and exaggerated pockets:


Next a pair of velvet beauties:

Short quilted black velvet jacket
Double-breasted vintage beauty!

Synthetic and suede!  The royal blue 3/4 sleeve is some woolly synthetic from I'm guessing the late 60s.  The red Positano suede is totally 80s Firenza:


The all blue is a long-sleeved, zip-front number with handy pockets.  It's got more shape to it than shows here.

The other is a colorful dress and coat combo à la Jackie O:

And here's a gorgeous, insanely soft double-breasted full-length red cashmere coat with pretty buttons:

Next up, a short, teal jacket with a gorgeous floral lining.  I can't really swear that this is vintage, but it has a lovely vintage feel and hand-stitching on the lining:

And next is a heavy, warm nubby green tweed coat with fun swirls on the buttons.  This one would keep you warm in Siberia!:

I had one other short navy and white double-breasted hounds-tooth jacket, but I forgot to get a shot of it, but you can see it in the picture below.  With all these new additions in such great saturated colors, I think the clothing rack in the booth is pretty eye-catching right now:

While I was there swapping it all out, a gentleman stopped into the booth and looked at a few items and commented that in his opinion, I have a good eye.  It pretty much made my day to hear that after just barely breaking even for the month of October.  He didn't buy anything, but a bit of encouragement's worth something too!

I'll be working on revamping more parts of the booth soon, which I'll be sure to share with you.  In the mean time, check out these link-ups for other people's treasures!:

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  1. they look so cosy :) love the tweed one :)

    1. Thanks! I hope they all find loving new homes, but I admit if the orange wool one was my size, it would be staying with me!