Saturday, November 10, 2012

Road trip!

Guess what you guys?  I had a vacation day to take, so I made this a long weekend, and took off on a road trip with a friend.  We left St Louis Friday afternoon and made our (leisurely) way to Cape Girardeau that night by way of Kaskaskia and Jackson, MO, and we did it our way: no schedule, no agenda.  See anything interesting?  Detour!  That's my favorite kind of road trip.  Here's a quickie pictorial view of yesterday:


So this morning we went to check out downtown Cape Girardeau.  It's a river city on the Mississippi, like St. Louis, but obviously quite a bit smaller, and the historic little downtown area is quite pretty:

But more than pretty, it's chock-full of antique shops.  Some of the treasures I coveted up and down this street?:


I'm on a pretty tight budget for this little road trip, and have sworn to buy only that which is so fabulous, so cheap, or both, that I can't possibly justify not buying it, so after gazing longingly at so many beautiful things, I did stop in to a Salvation Army thrift store I found, and spent fifty cents (too cheap to pass up!).  Here are my two little purchases thus far this trip:

Tiny gold space man bank.
Who might actually be a scuba man instead.

Pretty/funky vintage floral fabric scrap.

That turned out to have already been partially
turned into the front half of a dress!
I did pick up one other thing today that I consider to be a real treasure, but it was free!:

It wasn't the very cool fishing net I found under a railroad
bridge over the Mississippi.  It was the smooth, flat, dark
gray river stone just below it in the picture.
I can never resist picking up a good rock!

So what about you guys?  Any great treasures lately?  If you want to see some other folks' treasures, check out The Thrifty Groove's Thrifty Things Friday link-up!


  1. Ha! I just had to laugh at the "rock" comment... I too pick up rocks where-ever I visit! And I visited St Louis last year, so I even have a rock from your home town! Love the little gold guy!

  2. Cool! Always good to hear from a kindred spirit!