Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lazy picture post to round out yesterday's adventuring

So I'm feeling drowsy and sated after a bite to eat and my very favorite thing on TV (Hooray, The Amazing Race!  But kind of boo, that the cute boys got Phil-liminated instead of the girl who was being all rude).

Anyway, My brain is in a warm fuzzy place that doesn't leave room for much serious thinking, so here are some pictures from the rest of my time at the Lemp Brewery yesterday:

Window's almost too dirty to tell, but you can see the arch from here.

Here starts some shots of the other amazing place of vintage junk, treasure and architectural salvage in this complex.  As far as I know, it doesn't have a name.  Maybe it's like the Lake of the Coheeries; you can only find it if you've been there:

 And a few more shots of the grounds.  You see the bricks paving the drive in the picture below?:

 Not really bricks:

Sorry I don't have more to say than this, but tomorrow, I promise at least a sneak peak at what I picked up at Donnaland.

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