Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Booth update 3/27/2012

For the first time this week I was a little disappointed when I went to the booth.  As far as I can tell, I only sold one item this past week - again, vintage menswear.  Who new?

Still, last week I sold so much I was doing the happy dance, so hopefully for the month it will average out to still be even better than February.  I had intended to try and work some of the increasingly large collection of crewelwork I have accrued in to the booth this week, but the cutely scalloped and totally free long skinny shelf I acquired the other day seemed to be so perfect size and style wise that I decided to go another route, at least for now.  I may even make myself a wicked-crewel (see what I did there?) collage on the wall at home for awhile - imagine, decorating my own walls!  So here are some shots of the various items I added to the booth this morning.  Some of these pieces were just procured this weekend, but only the disco ball was part of the Big Trash Day free haul.:

kitschy hummel-esque 70s candle.

Disco ball!

Tall aluminum thermos (red lid is mismatched).

Awesome  yellow retro phone!

I think it might be to keep valuables in for
boating?  It would float if it went overboard...

Singer button-hole kit in a cool space-shippy case.

Cheery yellow lemon jar-pitcher.

1964 toy xylophone w/original mallet and string.

Joan Bryant wood grain clown print.

Small green vinyl suitcase with red/yellow/green stripes.

Vintage child-size Taos beaded moccasins.

Pair of 12 oz Butterfly Gold Pyrex fridgies.

Pair of floral Easter bonnety hats.  Are there still Red Hat ladies?

I forgot to get a shot of the great sunny yellow old men's Arrow shirt you can see the shoulder of in the above picture.  So Springy!

And here's one final shot of the whole booth, newly arranged and added to:

Lots of new items - come and get 'em at Booth 78 at Kenrick Antique Mall, and I'll keep adding more!

I really didn't think I could fit much more in there, but I don't think it looks too cluttered, do you?  And I like Bambi's new perch on the shelf, too!  Here's a slightly closer look at the shelf:

What do you think?  I'm liking it, although I'm starting to wish I hadn't hung the two small suitcases cockeyed like that...


  1. I have to smile because I recently thrifted a FP xylophone just like yours and the blue wooden ball on the end of the mallet is worn exactly the same way as yours! Years and years of scraping that ball up and down the keys wore off all of the paint and wood.

  2. That's awesome! Don't you love those? I grabbed it off the shelf the second I saw it, and when I got it home I played with it for half an hour before I even cleaned it up. Love it!

  3. I checked in on your booth when I was in there yesterday and I think it looks really amazing. Very well organized and all kinds of pops of color and treasures. I love the phone and bambi the most!

    1. Oh thank you! You want to know a secret? I intentionally overpriced Bambi because I love him so much as a sort of mascot for the booth. So wrong, but I can't help it. I suppose that's why I move him to a new spot every week, too. It's like a little inside joke to myself.

  4. Seems like so much fun arranging a booth. I will find a reasonably priced location- i hope. The green chevron blanket and dress is so awesome (can you tell what my fav color is?!) and I love the little suitcases- and your clown pic is pretty swank lookin...I would totally be attracted to visiting your sell space :)

    1. Yes, my clown is more laid-back/less terrifying than some! The booth thing really is a blast; I hope you get to try it out. I imagine it's not for everyone, but I love that I can go in once or twice a week and add items and rearrange things and play decorator to my heart's content, but I don't have to deal directly with the customers, which I find intimidating (I love my customers; I'm just socially awkward! :P).