Thursday, March 29, 2012

Childrens books! Or oh how I love you, St Vincent de Paul

There's a dollar unaccounted for from last weekend.  One little dollar that I spent, and did not tell you about.  Confession time: the dollar went to one of my biggest weaknesses.  Periodically, St Vincent de Paul has an amazing deal on them - children's books only, 10/$1.00.  And when they do, you'd better believe I scoop up some books!  Here are some of the finds this time.  I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  Bad light, flash and laziness, I'm afraid are to blame.:

Vintage Disney, another Nancy Drew, and look!  Goonies!
From "Bambi Gets Lost".
A punchline from the Goofy's Gags book.
I'll let you supply your own setup!

I adore this pink and green 1971 "Read and Find Out" book  - Use Your Brain!

The illustrations are fabulous throughout.

There were a couple of these "Best in Children's
Books" ones, but I didn't know anything
about them, so I only picked up this one.

It's an anthology, with a few really lovely illustrations.

The 80s were a magical time, weren't they?

The Scarlet Slipper Mystery.  One day I
should read a Nancy Drew or two!

You may have noticed the picture above only made 7.  That's because I have yet more vintage Disney to show you:

Original flavor Bambi, Pinocchio and Snow White, oh my!

"You can call me Flower, if you want to!"

She was definitely the scariest evil queen of all.

Oh, Pinocchio!  Next thing you know we'll catch you playing Pinochle!

They even had a third, and to me most awesome of all, Bambi title, Bambi's Fragrant Forest, which was a book I had and loved and unfortunately scratched and sniffed to death as a child.  Equally unfortunately, this particular example of the book had been loved even more thoroughly than mine; the pages were falling out of the binding.  So alas, I left it behind.  Someday I'll come across a copy in great condition and I will refrain from scratching all the sniff out this time.

Ah, books!  Buying a new stack like this for one little dollar always makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!


  1. For $1! No kiddin'! That was awesome! I'll take all of them for a dollar, too. Awesome haul. :) One can never resist books.

  2. I know - I've lucked into the 10/$1 kid's books deal on 3 occasions now I think, and every time feels like Christmas!