Monday, March 19, 2012

Booth update, with new items I forgot to show you before!

I brought some new things up to the booth this morning.  When I got there I found that since last Tuesday I'm down to only 3 men's hats again (I believe I took 4 up there last week, and there were 2 already in the booth, so I've sold 3 again??), and the mustard and gold striped men's cardigan I just put up last week is gone, plus the cute yellow cross-stitch "smile" pictures that have been there from the start, and a cool beaded bag.  Oh, and the little green goose planter from the 40s.  And I just now realized I haven't seen that 40s flower painting the last couple of times I was up there.  I'm so excited!  And I added   my friend Timmy, plus the beaded cardigan and the Handy Hannah hair dryer I showed you guys the other day, and a pink lacy 80s blouse that I forgot to take a picture of.  I also added a few other recent finds:

Gorgeous blue small Dansk Kobenstyle pot - Jens Quistgaard: Love!

Coolest old leather satchel - old buckles,
old straps, old stitches - yay!

Tang pitcher!  Orange-lidded glass Tang pitcher!

I did a bit more rearranging to make everything fit, and to try and fill in a couple of holes. I forgot to get one big shot that covers the entire booth like I usually do, so here are a few shots to make up a whole:
Here's most of the booth.  I like the flowered suitcase hanging on the wall instead of
sitting in the corner like it was before.  It looks good with the plaid skirt, doesn't it?
I moved the hand-knitted yellow baby suit thingy to
where the smile pictures used to be to make room for

the beaded cardigan at the front of the wall, and look,
there's Timmy front and center on the blue rack!

Since St Paddy's is over and I sold one of the items that
was on the table, I moved a couple of the others to the
shelves and mixed up the colors here a bit to
feature the pot.  It's so pretty you guys!

So just the 3 new items in pictures for you guys today, but they're 3 lovelies to share at Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday party.  Seriously, go see the awesome things people find.  It's as addictive to me as Pinterest is to everyone else, I swear, and if I ever remember my password for Pinterest, I'll probably pin half the stuff I seethrough this one link-up!  And if anybody who uses blogger can fill me in on how one adds a button to one's side-bar, I'm hoping to do that here so you'll always be able to find it from my blog. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for news and pics of today's thrifting romp through Belleville, IL before a wonderful dinner with great company (Thanks Alaina and Steve!).


  1. Cute stuff.I feel the same way about Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share. It's my favorite part about Monday.

    1. I know, I check back all week for vicarious treasure hunting, in case somebody linked up late!

  2. I'm drooling over that blue pot!

    1. I't really is a sexy little thing, isn't it? Can't beat good design!

  3. hi! i came across ur lovely finds thru ATG and i must say i cant my mind off ur blue pot :) great finds!

    1. Thanks! That's why we love the hunt, right? You never know when you'll find something awesome. Clicked through to your blog - Gibraltar, how cool - it looks beautiful there!

  4. Great finds. I loved looking at Thrift Share Monday so much it prompted me to start a blog just to join in! Love your booth. I have an Etsy shop but have been thinking about a booth- however rental in chicago area is quite expensive. ,