Friday, February 17, 2012


So I've been strenuously exercising my willpower ever since Monday, very studiously NOT stopping in to check on my booth.  The suspense is killing me - I'm dying to know if I've sold anything, if people have commented on the booth, good or bad, if my location on the third row toward the back of the building hurts my chances of selling, if folks have made a mess, if, if, if...

Curiosity is driving me mad, but I only got everything priced on Monday night.  My first weekend of sales hasn't even started yet.  I will NOT go to the booth tomorrow.  I will NOT go to the booth tomorrow.  I will NOT.  I promise.

But Sunday, all bets are off.  If I have time after church and time with my crew, I'm definitely going to go peek in, bring a few more items in case anything has sold, tidy up, etc.

But in the spirit of willpower, here are a few things that I have valiantly refrained from buying recently.  This set is all from the chill out session at Value Village after finishing up the pricing on Monday:

Nice wooden, woven seat valet chair
I cannot tell a lie - I wanted the chair above for the booth, for display purposes until such time as it might sell, and the real reason I didn't get it is that it wasn't priced, and I guess I didn't want it badly enough to try and track somebody down.

Three (why not four?) rattan-seated boxy early-80s looking bar stools

Pink painted 3-drawer chest, nice mid-century handles.

3 (again!) rattan-backed boxy 80s chairs.
I'm forced to assume that somewhere out there, someone with an OCD problem with even numbers and a love of boxy 80s rattan has gotten new furniture.

Even numbered, non-boxy, non-rattan bentwood rockers
I don't like the upholstery, but ever since seeing how much Picasso enjoyed his rocker like this, I've paid more attention to them when I see them, and these were a nice, sturdy pair for less than $20 apiece.

You may have noticed that all the items in this collection are somewhat large, and that most of the items I generally do purchase are relatively small.  And you may recall me admitting that my transport is a 2002 Chevy Cavalier: also small.  Please do not read anything into these entirely unrelated facts.  It's definitely willpower that kept me from purchasing any of the above items!

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