Monday, February 6, 2012

New Kitsch and treasures - could use help IDing a couple of them!

I've been so bad.  I know I have plenty of great stuff for my booth for the short term, and should be spending all my free time on cleaning/researching/pricing my finds to get them ready for This Coming Saturday (eek!), and I have done quite a bit of cleaning and researching, but I can't stop myself from the fun of the hunt, and now that I can officially use the excuse that I'm acquiring "inventory", I just keep on doing so.  But I think I've acquired some nifty inventory, at least!  Here are some new nifties that have made it home with me this week:

Cool machine-age bronze colored desk lamp. 
 I love the (pencil-holding?) grooves in the front of the base.  Now I just need to test and see if it works!

Rubbery spindly-legged baby deer.  
Kitschy and adorable.  It's hard to tell but this little fella's huge.  He's at least twice as tall as the regular-sized coffee mug below.

Adorable bunny with pink and mustard colored mushrooms.

Very cute bluebird/angel print.

Sweet vintage Hoenig of California candy dish.

Hawaii tiki napkin-holder.

Fabulously kitschy scowly owl with rolling pin - love him!

Palest green sculptural bud vase. 
This little vase seemed so unique I had to snap it up.  It has the name "Mary Withrow" written on the bottom in what could easily be gold paint-pen.  That is the name of a former US Treasurer, but not of any potters I could find.  If it seems familiar and/or you might be able to point me in the right direction, let me know - I'd appreciate it!

Set of 4 black/gray/orange tumblers.
These really needed washed before getting their picture taken, but I couldn't wait.  Oh, and also they'd just come in from the trunk, so they were really cold and condensation was forming!

Signed and numbered picture in pinks and yellows.
Huge, in heavy wood frame (cropped out of pic).
 I love, love, love this, but the writing is faded so that, while it is definitely signed and numbered, I can't quite make it all out.  In the bottom left corner it says Ed 90.  In the middle I believe it says "Opera Interiors", and on the right it's signed Dorothy Something, 55 (which I assume is the date).  I Googled all the bits I could work out, but haven't had any luck.  If anyone has any guesses on the Something part for me (I think it starts with a B?), or can hook me up with a research resource, I'd be thrilled.

What about you guys?  Anybody else thrifting this week?    Don't forget, I'll be in booth 78 at Kenrick Antique Mall starting THIS WEEKEND!  

Oh, and for my very first time, I'm linking to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday.  Yay!


  1. Love the lamp and the bud vase is very unique, great finds.

    1. Thanks! I'm super fond of the lamp. Hoping to find it an excellent new home.

  2. I really like the bunny mug and the owl plaque. Great finds.

    1. Ah, a fellow fan of the kitsch! Thanks!

  3. Great finds! I didn't know that you were a fellow St. Louisan.

    1. Yep, even a fellow South St Louisan :D
      I admire your sense of style. I love sleek MCM things, but I'm so scattered - I can't focus on any one style.

  4. Found this reference - maybe it is the same person, maybe not:

    a. Herbert Withrow, b 4 Apr 1907 WVa, d Jul 1970 (SSDI 234-18-5669 WVa), m Myrtle ____, b 28 Jun 1910 WVa,
    . d Aug 1978 (SSDI 236-28-3986 WVa). Herbert's and Myrtle's LR: Huntington, Cabell Co 25705.
    . 1930 Cabell Co census, Gideon Dist, Huntington, ED 6-34, sheet 1B, 476 7th St, #12/17, Herbert Withrow,22 WVa
    . (marr age 17), mold runner, pottery, Myrtle,19 WVa (marr age 16), handle finisher, pottery, Mary,2 11/12 WVa.
    . issue:
    . (1) Mary Withrow, b ca 1927 WVa.