Thursday, February 2, 2012

A tale of two coats

Once upon a time, probably in the 1970s, there was a weathered, cynical, seen-it-all journalist who never missed a story, whether it be famine in Africa or riots in the streets back home.  This was his coat:

Soft suede safari-style jacket.  Label:
"A Robert Lewis Idea".  If you check the pockets, you may
still find a press pass and a well-worn passport.

One day our hero (probably named Mitch or Jack) is thrown together with an idealistic but ambitious young up-and-comer from a rival paper with over-coiffed hair and a face fit for a prime time news program, which is of course what she aspires to, once she makes a name for herself.  This is her coat:

Cream Misty Harbor "any weather coat", made in USA.
Well-made, crisply pressed, stands out in a crowd of beige and tan.
In these pockets, you might find a lipstick in a tasteful
coral shade and a leather-bound notepad with matching pen.

Of course our stars don't get along.  He is suspicious of her naivete, skeptical of her skills, and outright mocking of her impractically white coat in the middle of a war zone.  She (Diane, or possibly Cheryl) is unimpressed by his bravado, frustrated by his negativity and disapproves of his rough-and-tumble ways.  But the two have no choice but to join forces when they are taken prisoner, and have to escape through miles of rough terrain together to safety, each hoping to get the story in before the other.  They fight, they argue, they bicker, they fall in love, and through it all, the stain-resistant, waterproof polyester of her white coat proves to be tougher and more practical than he ever expected.  And when they find themselves locked in that inevitable fiery embrace, his tough suede is warm, and far softer than she would have believed possible.


P.S.:  Don't forget, our lovebirds' coats will be for sale at the Kenrick Antique Mall on Watson Road in Shrewsbury/St. Louis, booth #78 starting Saturday, Feb 11th, 2012!

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