Monday, February 20, 2012

Guess who's got two thumbs and sold some stuff?


 I ended up staying away from the booth yesterday after all, on the theory that I should wait until it had been up and running with actual prices on the items for a week before I go back the first time.  Like if I didn't, it would be cheating, and nothing would be sold and I'd be disappointed and... stuff.

So I stopped in this morning, and it looked more or less like it did when I left it last week, but I've definitely spotted a few items that are no longer present, so, while I can't confirm until the end of the month exactly what all sold (I don't think.  There were real live customers at the counter, so I didn't bother trying to ask if they could tell me today), I can show you this new picture:

Booth #78 at the Kenrick Antique mall, one week in!
In my quick perusal, I noticed that the black leather cowboy hat that used to be above where my "new vendor" sign is (Thanks for that, by the way, Kenrick folks!!) appears to have gone, along with the cool Austrian felt slippers that were under the suitcases, the blue Tupperware sugar and cream containers that matched the ones from my childhood, and the cute mushroom-decorated mail sorter that I got on one of my thrift jaunts when I was in Chicago.  And it just now, for the first time occurred to me that it would've been a good idea to write down the prices I put on those items (I know, I can't believe how slow I am either!).  Anyway, I am downright giddy and feel like a giant success even though I seriously doubt I'm on pace to break even just yet.

I added a set of 4 Fire King cups/saucers with the Harvest pattern this morning, like this one from

Fire King Harvest pattern

I'll probably be adding some more items tomorrow.  More on that a little later this evening.


  1. A hint from a long time booth reseller in an antiques mall -
    take pictures of each shelf as well as a whole booth' view every time you visit. When you get home you can study your stock, see how you might want to rearrange and regroup and you might also spot (well, not see) some stock - and that will help you figure out what sold.

  2. Thanks Joy; I stopped in today to add a few items and have already started following your advice!