Friday, February 10, 2012

A few more lovely things that will be going into the shop

Hey all!  Just thought I'd share a few more bits and pieces that I've got pics of, that will be going into the shop:

Royal blue wool coat.

Spiral bound floral photo album.
I love the font on the photo album, and this one came complete with a few pages of actual old photos.  I haven't decided yet whether people will like it better with or without them inside, so I'm not sending this to the booth right away.  What do you think?

Vintage fabric - an old curtain panel.
\This fabric is amazing.  Its not very big, but what an impact!  I can't for anything imagine who designed it or who thought it would make a good curtain, but I'm glad they did!
Two planters and a small vase.
The green planter is a Haeger piece - stamped on the bottom, and there's a sticker still adhered to one side.  The other two are unmarked, but nifty.  I like the origami-esque nature of the brown and cream pot, and the speckle finish and sweet green interior make the little vase special.

Half a dozen Nancy Drew titles.
I don't know much about Nancy Drew, but I do love the cover art.  On one of them, the bottom corners of many pages are torn, or possibly chewed.  The others are in much better shape.

Bovano of Cheshire Connecticut ashtray

I love this thing.  The company is still in business, but hasn't made these glass-enameled copper trays since some time in the 60s (according to their website).  It's just such a cool mid-century Mad Men cocktail party kind of thing.  But I can't imagine smashing out your butts in something so pretty.  It should hang on the wall like the artwork it is!

Small desk lamp.
Sorry the picture of this is so dark.  Suppose I should have plugged it in and turned it on.  He may look shy, but just wait till he lights up - he's a handsome little guy.

Fabulous mid-century clock radio
This little lady isn't going into the booth just yet.  I haven't tested her out yet, and to be perfectly honest, I'm enjoying looking at her too much to be disappointed if she doesn't work.

Look how cool she is!

Autumnal kitsch - tin mural-clock.

I need to get some batteries and test this guy out as well.  So awesome - the image is printed on metal, and I love the font of the clock.  I could have kicked myself when I bent one of the hands slightly (after it had survived all these years unscathed), but it went back into place with no signs of a problem.

Semi-sheer red and white polka-dot dress.  AB FAB!

What can I even say about this one?  It's a show stopper.  Can't you just see it in a movie musical from back in the day?

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