Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sneak peek - vintage coats and winter clothes

I'm so excited you guys!  And totally nervous, but in a good way.  As I start to gather up my goodies for the grand opening of my booth (can I have a grand opening of something that doesn't even have a door?), I'm starting to think I've got the goods to actually make a go of this.  I've picked out some wintry vintage - coats and clothes - to go into the booth for the first 2-3 weeks.  I plan to rotate things in and out pretty frequently, and will go all spring fever on you guys once March hits, but while we're still in February, I'm hoping to tempt folks with my brrr-licious wares (so weather, could you go back to winter for a couple of weeks, starting the 11th? Or maybe the 12th, so it will be nice while I move things in...).  So here's a little sampling of some of the items I've picked out for the booth.  Please forgive the awful lighting, I didn't have any daylight, so it alternates between fl*ash, which makes the colors wonky, no-flash, which makes it grainy and dark, and lots of random lights turned on and working at cross-purposes, including a red-tinted flood light I got at a Goodwill in Chicago.  Anyway, here you go:

Berman's leather sports coat, so soft I wish they made pillowcases!

Red cropped 80s jacket: Pioneer Wear, 100% Lamb Leather.
For your edgy Valentine.

Menswear wool and suede or chamois
cardigan: "D'Italia, a high fashion design".

Red jersey knit jacket - I believe this one was from
the estate of a teacher who made her own clothes.
For your demure valentine.

Peachy polyester double-knit maxi dress - no label.

Olive green wool blend blazer by Newsport.  I Imagine it
with a crisp white blouse and trousers a la
old Katherine Hepburn or Lauren Bacall movies.
Brown and black polyester doubleknit shirt/jacket
with awesome Spirograph-style pattern.  No label.
Another doubleknit monstrosity.  Brown and white, also no label.

Menswear cardigan.  Synthetic.  Zipper.  Oh-so-retro!

I can't stop imagining the cardigan above on a
date with this awesome Brady-Bunchy dress.

A pair of girly plaid shirts.  Early 80s cowgirl chic!

Wool kilt with leather/brass buckle.  Labelled
"Laird-Portch of Scotland, Pure New Wool, Made in Scotland".

Kilt pin included, to avoid any accidental flashing.

Fabulous red cashmere coat: Ultima, "Tailored by Mr Vincent".

Pretty buttons.
This one's for your vintage luxury Valentine.

No idea what PB is.  Peanut butter?  Police bureau?
For your Barb Valentine!

Long lightweight charcoal gray wool cape with bright red lining.
For your bloodsucking Valentine.

Bright orange mohair/wool/nylon blend sweater, "hand made in italy".

Light green 60s dress- fabric is snythetic, no label.

Blue 60s dress - wool look/feel on the outside, but it's synthetic. 

Same dress as above, with flash.  Color is somewhere between the two.

Covered-sexy!  Black jersey dress with curves built-in.

Black/purple/orange/green maxi-dress.  The "belt-area" is sort of bedazzled.

Psychedelic awesomeness!

Oxblood leather jacket, Opera.

Red velvet full length coat.  Surrey Classics of Canada.
For your romantic Valentine.

This is just a sampling of the clothing.  Tune in next time for "A Tale of Two Coats".  For just as I have sent a dress and a cardigan on a date above, I have just about an entire screenplay to go with a pair of coats I have not yet shown you.  

Can't wait to show you some accessories, and some non-clothing-related items, too!


  1. You picked out some awesome clothes to start your store front. good luck.
    Karen G

    1. Thanks Karen! I'm really excited; I hope I'm putting things out there that people will love.