Friday, January 27, 2012

Psst, hey you, kid! Wanna buy some junk?

I can hook you up!  

Seriously though, I signed papers today.  As of February 11, 2012, I will be, like, a dealer!  Of the antiques variety (actually vintage-tiques.  Vintiques?).  

I didn't end up going with the Green Shag Market though.  I wish them all the luck in the world, and I love their inventory so far, but I was a little bit afraid of the fact that they're only open Wednesday thru Sunday, and they're brand new, and they close fairly early, and they're not to terribly easy to find, and I would have had to commit to 3 months.

So instead, I went with Kenrick antique mall.  It's not as chock-full of folks with similar aesthetics to mine, not as hip probably, and there are quite a few booths full of stuff that really doesn't appeal to me at all, but it's 5 minutes from my house, it's been around a long time, it's open 7 days a week, and while the booths are $125 instead of $100 a month, they don't require a 3 month commitment, just a 30-day warning before you move out.  Also, the booth is 8'x8' instead of 8'x6'.  Actually, they have half-booths that are 8x4, for only $65/month, but there are none of those available.  I've asked to go on the waiting list for one of those, in case 8x8 ends up being too much for me.  It's located in Kenrick Plaza on Watson Road in Shrewsbury, just west of the St Louis City limits:

It's also not very pretty from the outside, and is in a
suburban-y shopping center, but it's also next-
door to one of my favorite thrift stores.

Most of the down sides I can see to this location can also easily be up sides, though.  While I don't share an aesthetic with some of the other sellers there, maybe that will make me stand out as different and interesting.  And while I'm not a huge fan of the strip-mall type location, and I doubt that young urban folks or unhappy hipsters will mind going there to find treasures (especially since they can check the thrift store next door first) the way that older, more suburban and/or less adventurous types might mind trying to find the other place, in it's mostly-industrial, somewhat obscure location.

The one real bummer I can think of so far is that they apparently don't have a website.  At all!  Sad.  All I can find is 

So, here they are on citysearch, and until I can post lots of glamour shots of my very own booth of awesomeness, here are a couple of pics from Kenrick Antique Mall that my blog-crush Mister Modtomic posted a while back:


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