Thursday, January 26, 2012

How's that for thrifty?

A co-worker told me today about something he's very excited about, and now I'm kind of excited about it my own self!  Apparently there are some guys in Finland who make movies on the extra-cheap.  These guys crowdsource pretty much the whole thing!  Cool!

Co-worker-man says they made a Star Trek parody or homage or something a few years ago.  I just looked it up for ya - it's called Star Wreck, if you're into such things:

I'm not sure that having seen the most recent Star Trek movie (cause I love Simon Pegg!) and a handful of episodes of the one with the Reading Rainbow guy quite qualifies me to watch that one, but the new one they're doing sounds pretty awesome, if not as awesome as when martians-stole-santa-claus in the 50s or 60s:

The premise of this new film is that in 1945, Nazis built themselves some cool flying saucers and escaped to the dark side of the moon, where they've been plotting all this time, and now they're ready to come back and conquer the world.  How awesome is that?  The kitsch factor alone makes me smile, but then the co-worker showed me the trailer, and it's really quite beautiful.

This trailer is from 2008, but as I understand it the movie wasn't finished until some time in 2011 and the world premier is in February at the Berlin film festival (there are a bunch more trailers and clips and whatnot on youtube and at their site).  I guess they don't have a distributor or anything at this point, but you can go to their website and if you scroll about halfway down the main page you can "demand" it in your neck of the woods, presumably so they can show potential distributors that it would have an audience.  I totally made my demand - needed to make sure St Louis was on their little map, didn't I?  I mean, I get a kick out of the whole idea, but what's more, I couldn't help doing my part to promote such a thrifty endeavor (without spending money, of course).  So there's that managed - probably 3-5 more people in the world will know about their clever film because of me and my little blog. ;)

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  1. Wow! That looks like it would be really fun to watch. I love the music...reminds me of all the music and Eastern European stuff featured in Nikita. :) I'll have to go check it out for fun.

    I know something else that's going to be at that film festival...Side by Side, a documentary about digital and film cinematography and the tension/transition between the two. It's a project by Keanu Reeves who interviews all these directors etc about their opinions on it. He produces it too. It looks really interesting!

    There, now I've told the same 3-5 people about this film! ha
    Love ya!