Thursday, January 19, 2012

They definitely are giants!

I haven't taken any new shots of treasures bought on my trip last week, but I do have for you pictures of a treasured experience.  I woke up late-ish on Sunday, with a slight headache, and not very well rested due to the very loud heater in my hotel room, so I ditched my plans to take a wander around Bloomington before hitting the road, but once on the road it wasn't long before I was off it again running after something shiny that caught my eye.  I've never seen a wind farm up close before, but I've always had a fascination with kites and sailboats and gliders: things that are wind-powered.  I've always thought of them as being directly powered by God, so when I saw a wind farm a little way from the highway (can't imagine how I failed to notice it before!), I headed for the exit, determined to get closer.  There were dozens of enormous white windmills, starkly beautiful in the snow against the cold, clean blue sky.  A small road ran right through the middle of them, and it was chilly, but I had to get out of the car and look around and drink it in and thank God for what a beautiful sight it was.  They were huge - tall, silent and powerful, and the beauty brought tears to my eyes (I'm sure the cold helped a little).  Don Quixote has been a sort of personal hero of mine ever since I can remember, but I had no desire to fight the windmills.  They were giants, but they were so peaceful.  My headache was gone after that, and all the way back to St. Louis I felt how blessed I am.  I was so wrapped up in that calm, contented feeling, in fact, that I forgot to really make any provisions for getting home from the airport after dropping off the rental car, but that worked itself out easily too.  I really did feel like that little visit with the windmills was like a benediction on my day.  No captions, no explanations, I just want to share the pretty with you guys:

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