Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Contents of the gift bag from my New Years Celebration.
So Happy 2012 everyone!  I hope everyone found a fun, safe way to celebrate, and saw out 2011 with a new good memory.  I had to work New Years Eve until 9:00 PM so I hadn't actually thought about making plans, but my friends texted me in the afternoon with an invitation to join them, which I gratefully accepted.  Ronnie's Cinema had a deal going where for $15 you got movie tickets, unlimited soda and popcorn and a bag of count-down goodies for after the movie.  It was perfect for me because it was close enough to where I work that I was able to get there before the end of the previews, involved no effort or planning on my part, and for what it was, it was quite cheap!  It was also nice that it mostly involved sitting in a dark room, since I had expected to spend 12 hours alone in the office and then go home and watch the ball drop on TV, so I was in a grubby hoodie, my hair untouched since it air-dried that morning, wearing no makeup, and bleary-eyed from staring at monitors all day long, as you can clearly see:

There were bubbles in the gift bag - I LOVE bubbles!
But the very best part was that I got to see out 2011 watching my beloved Simon Pegg being GIANT and cute in an IMAX version of the new Mission Impossible movie.  I realize that most people consider that to be a Tom Cruise vehicle, but I've never much cared for Tom Cruise - even before it was clear he's as nutty as a box of cracker jacks.  If my friends hadn't picked Mission Impossible, I'm sure I would have seen it eventually, when it came out on Netflix, but only to see Simon Pegg, who I absolutely adore (he's the only man ever who could have made me like zombie movies, and his head is full of wonderful things).  But I'm glad they picked it.  I was pleasantly surprised about Jeremy Renner - didn't know he was in it, and he's a fantastic addition.  I've had him on my wanna-see-more list ever since his short-lived tv show The Unusuals a few years ago, which also starred one of my favorite oddballs: Adam Goldberg.  The movie was fun and exciting and a little bit queasy-making, and a great way to hype up for celebrating the new year.

And today has been great as well.  Church was inspiring and a wonderful kick-off for the new year.  We usually stay together all day and have our small group Bible study in the evening, but we weren't doing that this week so this afternoon after returning the church van and picking up my car Chester, I did a little shopping that wasn't secondhand.  I am supposed to leave in a week (no confirmation yet!) for Chicago for a software training class for work, and my warmer coat is 8-10 years old and starting to lose its lining, so I was thinking about buying a new one.  I didn't find one that felt right, but I did find a bunch of other stuff that was on super-duper sale.  So... I've pretty well decided that my coat is good enough for at least one more season.  I spent about the amount I would have been willing to spend on a new one (well shy of $100) on the following:
A new vintage inspired dress with matching belt, two blouses, a cardigan, a pair of ankle boots, a big floppy 70's style wool hat that I believe goes with my existing coat, some underwear, and a magazine for the trip.  Pretty thrifty for regular retail, I think!

By the time I finished that spendfest, the sun was already going down, and when I got home it was all twilight-pretty outside, if windy, and so I leave you with a view of this gorgeous evening, which bodes well for a beautiful new year:

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