Monday, January 23, 2012

Pondering a decision...

So I know I made a resolution-type-thing to get a dozen items posted to the Etsy shop by the end of January, but I'm pretty sure I also mentioned that I'm not very good at resolutions, generally speaking, so perhaps you won't be surprised to learn that I am currently considering abandoning Etsy altogether, at least for the moment, in favor of another venue entirely:

The Green Shag Market

Immediately upon returning from Chicago, I spotted a sign for an estate sale that miraculously was still going after 4:00 PM on a Sunday.  So you know I couldn't stop myself.  I had to swing by, at least for a minute.  And I'm glad I did, because I learned of this great new antique mall on Manchester, just east of Hampton Avenue, on the North side of the street.

What's so great about it, you ask?  A few things, actually!  First off, It's an antique mall, and it's new.  I realize all I've done there is repeat myself, but obviously a new antique mall in which to treasure hunt is a very good thing.  Also, they have this big consignment area that they obviously (based on how I found them to begin with) sometimes use to host entire estate sales, which is a very cool thing.  More importantly, they have a lot of stuff already that is more vintage modern than stiff-collared formal antiques or "country cottage" stuff, so it will attract people who like the kinds of things I tend to buy.  Along the same lines, there are already a few booths with vintage clothing, too!  There web site is pretty good, too.  It offers an "Items to Look for" section, with pictures of various items and booths, which I assume is changed regularly, and you can fill out a wish list, as well, which is provided to the vendors so they can keep an eye out for such things, and then you can be notified if an item you've requested shows up in the shop - I think that's a very cool feature!  Booths are very reasonably priced and they are only asking for a 3 month commitment, so my theory is that I could treat it as an educational experience.  If I were to look for a course in retail vintage/antiques sales, if I found that such a thing even exists, it would likely cost that much, wouldn't be a science anyway, and wouldn't carry with it the possibility of paying for itself and/or making a profit, like this will.   Oh, also, the place is almost directly next-door to a fire station.  That's good to be good, right?  So I'm praying about it now, and plan to make a decision this week.  Has anyone out there seen the place, have experience in this area, or thoughts or advice on the subject at all?  I'm very open, and would appreciate any comments, prayers or advice and consider it part of the education! 

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