Monday, February 27, 2012

Fannykins and Franquin: One is a keeper

Had a good thrifting weekend, and even showed some restraint on items Chester and I could have carried home if we had chosen to.  I visited a couple of nearby estate sales.  Tried to go to a third, but could not find it to save my life.  Oh well, wasn't meant to be I guess.  Anyway, that gave me more time for hanging out with my folks, which is always nice.  My parents are great, in case you wanted to know!

Anyway, between the estate sales and two thrift stores visited, here's my haul, with which I am very pleased!:

A trio of very cute, not-blind mice.  So cute!

I did n't know Avon made kitchen-y stuff, but that's
the name on the bottom of this cute little soup cup.

I need to clean it up, but this is my second piece of a
whole new brand of cast-iron enameled  stuff I
didn't know existed: Klafrestrom, from Sweden.

Cute little roly-poly S&P set.

Hummell-esque candle, still in the cellophane wrapper.

I've seen prayer hands before, but there's only one of
these, so I can only assume this is a high-five hand!

Adorable yellow-and-gold E Z Por pitcher.  So cute!

Holly Hobbie glass, and I believe the mug is also Holly
Hobbie, but the paint is gone, so it's just a sort of bas-relièf.

Pair of cute little bowls with a square sunflower pattern.

Slanty Gaston Lagaffe mug.
Gaston Lagaffe is a comic strip character created by Belgian artist Andre Franquin back in the 60s.  When I studied in Brussels in the 90s, I learned a bit about Belgian comics like Tin Tin and (bet you didn't know it) The Smurfs, originally known as Les Stroumphs, as well as Gaston and his associates.  It's actually a birthday mug (full text: C'est mon anniversaire, alors on ne me stresse pas", which means "It's my birthday, don't bother me."), but I don't care; I'm keeping it.  I dig Gaston.

I love these!  Appear to be 60s big-eyed children
versions of Louis and Marie-Antoinette?  So cute!

This... this is what's known as a FannyKins. Apparently
there was a whole line of droopy-pants child  figurines like this.
I will not be keeping this - somehow a statue with buttcrack is less charming to me in this era of saggin' than it must have been in the 60s or whatever, but it is kinda cute and I'm hoping someone will like it.

No idea what this is; it's not insulated.  It does
have a little black strap attached to a metal
grommet in the top, which unscrews from the bottom
where it looks like it does.  Anybody have a guess?

Rooster canister set.
These are so cool.  They're real wood, well crafted and they nest perfectly.  Downside:  the bottom piece of wood on the coffee one is split and the dovetailing on the flour one is a bit loose, but they're so cute!  I over-payed for these.  I couldn't help it.

Linking to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday.  Anybody else make any thrift scores this weekend?

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