Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New roommate, more garage shopping, plus an announcement

It's been a long and very busy week for me (because of my work and life schedule, I tend to think of Monday as my Saturday, so the week is just ending for me).  It was a day of 4 12+ hour workdays in a row, including Saturday night when I didn't get home from work and picking up the church van until almost 11:00 PM, and Sunday I was busy from 7:00 AM until almost 11:00 PM again, not to mention the fact that a roommate moved in this week.  Meet Mary Poppins, who is currently engaged in a death match with my tablecloth, but is otherwise practically perfect in every way!:

Mary Poppins is a very young mommy rescued from a farm.  She has been
fixed and litter trained, and has moved in to my house in the city.  
Her babies
are finding homes at the Kirkwood Animal Hospital, if you're interested.  And
yes, I'm even thrifty about this.  She was free, from a friend at work whose sister
owns the farm on which she had her 9 kittens (she's not even a year old herself!) 

I feel bad for Mary Poppins that she moved in during a week I've been home so little, but we're bonding in fits and starts, and she's been a very good girl - no broken treasures, no litterbox-related incidents, and I'm very hopeful that after awhile I will adjust to her dander and stop being allergic to her cute self.  I am currently having a blast saying things like "Aw, Mary Poppins is chasing her tail", but when I talk to her I usually call her Poppy, except when I'm singing to her "It's a Jolly Holliday with Mary", which I can't seem to stop doing.

Oh, and look - I may have figured out why I needed the cool old chicken-housey thing I got a couple of weeks ago:

Mary Poppins' new house?

Anyway, as you can see, it's been an awfully busy week, and I'm still on a no-thrifting diet at the moment, so I had to shop the old garage for items for the booth again this week, but I'm pretty sure it's all stuff I've never posted before:

4 small smoked glass ashtrays?  Change trays?  I love love love the monorail one!

Royal Haeger Aztec Gold vase in a fun atomic shape in shiny, shiny gold.  So glamo-funky!

Pair of pretty embroidered napkins.

I had a matching kitty in the shop, but somebody already snapped her up.  If you're reading
this, kitty buyer, there's now a matching pup, albeit in less awesome shape than she was.

Two teacups and a sugarbowl from the Anchor Hocking Rainbow Glass collection.

Glasbake casserole.  Don't know the name of this cute pale green pattern.

I added several other items that I apparently failed completely to photograph, but here's how the booth is looking now:

See all those hats and purses and awesome vintage clothing?  if you're anywhere near St Louis, you might want to hop on over to the 2ndhand Moon Facebook Page for an announcement on an exclusive sale on all clothing and accessories!

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  1. Love the story about your new kitty. Sounds like she has found a good home. I think those tea cups and sugar bowl are actually Hazel-Atlas Ovide pattern - I have some of those pieces and they look just like them. All the smoke glass trays are awesome. I really have been drawn to them lately.

    1. Oh thanks for the info! I'm so green about things. I'm so clueless - I Google the marks and cross my fingers, usually. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge!

  2. Im intrigued by your chicken housey thingy, never seen anything like that before. Love your Mary Poppins, what a pretty cat x

    1. It is neat, isn't it? It's very old. And the tin roof is an old sign turned over. If you look inside, the ceiling on one side has the word 'knows' and the other side all I'm sure about is a really large H. I love it! And Mary Poppins says thanks for the compliment!

  3. the gold vase is very unique! I love it! thank you for sharing at cap creations.