Monday, July 23, 2012

Shopping my garage

My friend Beth came with me yesterday afternoon to check out the booth and see what I might have room to fill in, and I was So Very Excited to see that this 3-piece set of blue vintage luggage had sold:

Which left me with quite a lot of floor space it had previously been taking up.  And since I'm on a thrifting moratorium, we went to what is arguably the best thrift store in town at the moment: my garage, where everything is free, since I bought it already!  I buy vintage luggage semi-obsessively, I'll admit, but it's been a really good seller for me, as well.  I believe that since mid-February I have sold 5 suitcases, 2 train cases, a leather satchel, an army-style messenger bag, a small overnight travel bag and, also this past week, the Pringles duffle bag:

So, with a suitcase-sized space emptied out on the floor, I found no reason not to replace it with more suitcases!  A pretty green one with a cool trapezoidal handle and another leather-ish Samsonite, of somewhat better quality than the one that's already there, also with the included hangers and whatnot still inside (not pictured - I didn't have my camera along yesterday, so these are all quick phone shots:

The one on top was already there, the other two are new to the booth.

The picture doesn't do this one justice - white vinyl
overnight bag with red trim - very clean and bright.

Cute Mickey Mouse knapsack, possibly 60s?  I can't find a match online.

And, because they were being stored inside of some of the bags, and because my little book/record shelf wasn't really intended to display purses, I added a bunch more books.  Children's books as well as craft, cook, gardening and fashion books from the 50s 60s and 70s.  Here are a few of them:

Books, books, I <3 books!

Project Cat, about a group of kids in a housing project befriending a stray cat, is a great one, and we found cutouts from the St Louis Post Dispatch from 1972 in the Vogue Sewing Book:

The other sides of these two clippings from May 12 and November 16 have sewing tips on making a mandarin collar and sewing fake suede, respectively.
I had no idea when these movies came out, but lets be honest.  If, 40 years from now, some random person were to come across two totally random clippings from a current newspaper of movie ads that were actually clipped for the information on the other side of the page, do you think they would find 4 movies out of 5 that they totally knew all about?  I'll admit I've never sat all the way through Deliverance or Funny Girl, but I know exactly what they are, and I bet you heard the little banjo riff from Deliverance in your head the minute you saw the ad, didn't you?  Ok, well I did.  I'm afraid to even Google "Dirty Little Billy", so I'll leave that one a mystery, and the name is cut off of the one at the bottom, but as it has Peter O'Toole and Alastair Sim both in it it's got to be something called The Ruling Class, where apparently Peter O'Toole's character thinks he's Jesus (thanks IMDB!)

No idea what to do with these little bits of ephemera, but it was such a fun find!  I did snatch them out of the book to keep, in case anybody has any ideas!

And, to round out the Garage Shopping, Beth found this cowboy hat in one of the bags, which now graces the booth as well:

It's very small - size 6 3/4 if you have a little head!

It turns out, shopping the stock I already have is almost as fun as hunting down new treasures, since my prodigious disorganization makes all things new again!  Which is good, because I need to keep doing it awhile longer.  How about you - finding new treasures?  Rediscovering old ones?

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  1. Love your booth!

    I'd be really excited about those clippings too. You're so right - do we really make movies nowadays that are destined to become classics? I don't think so.

  2. Thanks! And yeah, I know the volume of overall films is much higher now, but looking at the current crop that's out there right now, I just don't know if any of them will stand the test of time the way those 4 films have!