Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Booth overhaul and new treasures for the Big Sale

So I got over to the booth and spiffed it up fairly significantly.  Biggest news is I finally, in light of the no-end-in-sight triple-digit weather, took home Mitch's sexy coat.  I had intended to take it home in May, but some ladies from another booth told me that they see guys taking pictures of it with their phones, so I thought I might as well leave it, to attract the dude attention to the booth, but... it'll be back in the fall, when it makes a little bit of sense.  I replaced it on its stand with some weather-appropriate fun vintage girlie things (I forgot my camera today, so please forgive the fact that all my pictures are phone-shot):


In the girlie vein, I also added a bunch more awesome vintage purses:

The great little book/record shelf they are on is also a new addition, and also for sale!: 

And of course you can see in that shot some new old luggage.  It's a pretty caramel fake leather hard-side suitcase and train case.  The suitcase is spectacular inside, with a lovely peach-champagne satin interior that even includes the original hangers all racked up and ready to go:

You know I can't leave out the awesome kitcheny goodness, so here are a couple of new pieces featuring cheery yellow:

And I've teased you long enough for this one.  From what I've seen, people are listing these on Ebay from  $70.00 to $Stupid.00, but this week only, you can snatch one from Booth 78 at Kenrick Antique Mall for only $30.00!  It will go back up to its still nice price of $40.00 if it's still there when the 25% off sale is over on Sunday:
Smith Corona SCM Super Sterling typewriter

It's in its original carrying case, and looks sharp except for one tiny spit on top where the paint has rubbed off (to give it some vintage cred!).  The keys feel nice and snappy, and a nice retrocam shot seemed appropriate to show you how great it works:

And for the fabulously zha-zha-kitschy among us, this bright pink flocked vintage shower curtain (it's brighter than this sad blurry picture suggests!):

I scored two of these, actually.  One is in the booth, and I'm currently debating whether to replace the green/brown/pink daisies in my Oh-So-South-City-Pink bathroom.  What do you think - should I go for it?:  

As for the booth, I think I made it a little more navigable.  I took out the round table that's been in the middle since day one.  It belonged to friends, so I couldn't sell it, and I always wondered if people were reluctant to walk around in there because of it.  I also re-secured the stupid slanty clothing rack with a bungee cord high up attaching it to the pegboard wall, and added this nifty new shelf:

Here's how the whole boot looks now:

So tell your friends: 25% off sale Wed-Sat in the 2ndhand Moon booth - #78 - at Kenrick Antique Mall in Shrewsbury, MO.  Tons of other booths will have markdowns too for the Independence Day sale!

And while the fireworks were cancelled because of the drought, here's a bit of Americana from the Carnival we attended this evening:
Carnivals = nostalgia.  Maybe I'll be a carnie when I grow up!

And I'm praying tonight for Selena at Apron Thrift Girl, wher I have had hours of pleasure reading about the amazing finds of her and others, and hae often linked up my own.  Visit her blog, look at some of the old Thift Share Monday link-ups and check out everyone's treasurs, then lift up her and her family if you would.  Goo night all, sweet dreams.

The moon was so handsome tonight!


  1. i say go for it! we only live once :) ohmy but i love your booth!

  2. Thank you! The debate about the shower curtain is still on.