Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A few of this week's new additions to the booth

I've started referring in my mind to the time I spend adding to/arranging/tidying up booth 78 as "fluffing the booth".  I don't know where I got it, but I must have picked it up on someone's blog, because Google tells me it's definitely not a phrase I coined myself.  Anyway, this week's fluffing included the addition of a bunch of great books and booklets to the cute new bookshelf.  I posted this pic of a few of them on the 2ndhand Moon Facebook page earlier:

The Avon Beauty booklet and the "Sewing for Men and Boys" are chock full of 1970's awesomeness, including 'staches and 'fros and leisure suits and giant sunglasses - yay!

Would you look at the size of that bowtie?  Kazam!

I love the little sewing booklet on top there - look at those dresses!  That one comes with a bonus little booklet inside about using zig-zag stitching for home decor items.  The "Drawing Women's Fashions" book in the first picture is from the late 50s and really is a drawing tutorial for fashion, from figures to how to draw various sleeve types and everything.  It has some great illustrations, as you might imagine.

This one is equally cool:
Entertaining in the 60's - from interior decor to recipes and games - fun!
I love looking at the interiors in books like these.  I covet the furniture, the drapes, the architecture.  I wish I'd taken some shots, or even thought to scan several pages of this and of the green "Windows Beautiful" booklet from the same year.  They sure weren't afraid of color and fun shapes back then - gorgeous stuff!

I also kind of reversed my intention and added more articles of clothing to the booth, including a short-sleeved black sheath in a black-on-black embroidered-y fabric with a metal zipper that simply did not photograph well, and these three very different tops:
Sheerish tie-neck blouse in a gorgeous floral - LOVE!
1980s boatneck tiger-print top.

Bright multicolored striped nylon sleeveless top.
And of course there's always more to come, so if you're in the 'Lou, or ever come through (rhymes - yay!), stop in to Kenrick Antique Mall in Shrewsbury, just outside the city limits on Watson Road!  And don't forget to stop by the Facebook page and give it a Like.  

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