Thursday, August 2, 2012

Local treasure alert!

Depends quite a lot on your definition of treasure, but if you like a certain kind of ornate vintage kitsch, get thee to the Goodwill on Watson Road in Crestwood, MO, and you can have this awesome thing for (Goodwill's killing me with their prices!) $9.00:

Naked lady pendant lamp/oil fountain!
My grandpa had a bigger one of these, with more plastic fauna (which was not as flourescent in color).  The lines you see that keep her in sort of a slanty looking cage are something like fishing line, down which drops of oil run continuously, so it looks like she's in the rain.  No idea if this version works, but the overwhelming sense of nostalgia and kistch that hit me when I rounded the corner and spotted her was enough to make me check the price, even though I was only there looking for shelves on my lunch break and am still not buying inventory.  Anyway, if you want to add some gilded silliness to your pad, you know were to look!

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