Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yes, I thrifted. And I can't even regret it.

Saturday morning, along with some friends, I helped (largely watched the moms in the group help) a dear young friend move into her dorm room for her Freshman year at a small Christian College in North St Louis County.  Being me, I always check EstateSales.net every week, even when I know I can't go to any sales, I torture myself with the pictures of all the lovely things I can't have.  So I happened to know that there was a sale in Ferguson, not far from where we were, and when it came time to say goodbye and let our little bird fly into this exciting new chapter of her life, I nonchalantly mentioned it to my cohorts, who were all for checking out an estate sale (loophole!  If other people want to go, I don't want to be a party pooper!  And of course I found something for the booth.  Something I have thus far failed to photograph, much less take to the booth, so you'll just have to wait to see that next time.  But after the estate sale, with the ice broken, we headed over to the St Vincent De Paul on West Florissant, where I like to look at the lovely Irish eyes of the manager, which remind me of my Uncle Jerry.

There I found one Sabine china plate that goes with a partial set I have in the booth:

I love the colors in this - a bit of a tweak for the era.
I also found a very nice snakeskin-embossed leather frame purse:

And an absolute mother-load of vintage patterns which, even if they turn out not to be intact, are totally worth it for the illustrations alone (especially since "it" was a very, very good price):
Can you spot the real-live poodle skirt pattern?  And look at the sweet baby dresses!

A little closeup on some of the baby dresses - so, so sweet!

And a pair of cross-stitch benedictions for your home:
A small one in blue and red

A bigger one in brown/orange/turquoise

Both of these could use a better framing situation, but the cross-stitches themselves are such vintage lovelies! All of the above already went into the booth on Sunday afternoon except for the patterns, which I need to put in zip-locks and figure out how to price considering that I can't guarantee they're all 100% intact.  Has anyone else sold vintage patterns and have advice or suggestions?

Since I couldn't put the patterns in yet, and I couldn't add more to the house without taking something else away, I also took these up to the booth, which I've been collecting awhile:

This is only a partial shot of the bunch I took up there, so if you
need any lovely crotcheted bits, head on over to booth 78 at
Kenrick Antique Mall - you know the drill!
And also a very old, lovely train case which I apparently also failed to photograph.  I'm heading back over to the booth now with some other great vintage finds, so I'll take some pics of those there and post them next time.  Until then, enjoy all the great finds other folks have made at these fun link-ups:

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  1. So many pretties!! Patterns are always so much fun to look at. Alas, I have a box of them at home that I am comletely overwhelmed by. Don't even know how to begin sorting and pricing.