Saturday, September 1, 2012

Showing off my competition

Hi guys!  You may have read my post "Introducing the Competition" a month or so ago, where I highlighted another vendor who's aesthetic I love at the Kenrick Antique Mall where my booth is.  I don't have anything nearly as in-depth as that this time, just three shots of items I covet, on sale at Kenrick now in booths that are not mine (I forgot to even take not of the booth numbers, so you'll just have to come wander around and enjoy the whole place if you see something you like!).

First, a clock.  Functional art, what could be better?:
I adore this cheery yellow and white clock.  I love the 3-D of it, and the font of the numbers
as much as the bright, shiny color!

And as we're on the functional form bandwagon, check out this beautiful gray-blue lamp with a peachy swirly shade!:
This lamp is gorgeous, and is one of several things I wish I could snap up from this particular booth.

And last but not least, this somehow manly lucite magazine rack is just plain sexy!

Sleek mid-century wood and lucite magazine rack.  So, so sexy!

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  1. oh dear those are yummy indeed! i wish i could have been there :) that clock is calling my name :)