Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thanks for the tip, Mom and Dad!

I made a pretty good thrift score today.  Something I have been wanting/needing for some time.  A tall, narrow shelf for the booth.  And it's all thanks to my parents, who pointed me to exactly what I needed at a really good price!

I usually try to spend time with my wonderful parents on Mondays, and yesterday was a gorgeous day.  We met up and went to lunch at the Rib Shack on Natural Bridge in North County (very tasty, by the way!), and over lunch they mentioned that they had recently been down to Globe Drug on Broadway, and saw some shelving they thought would fit the bill for me.  I was excited to check it out, but not just then, because after lunch  we decided to have a little fun and visit the Zoo:

Sea lions always seem to be having so much fun.
The way the sunlight dances in the water must have
 something to do with it, don't you think?

I am convinced stingrays come from another planet entirely.
Just look at those alien bodies!  Also?  I got splashed by a shark!
 My favorite little zoo buddies, the Prairie Dogs, for some reason were in a posing mood for me yesterday:


The day also included Ted Drewes Concretes, and some good quality relaxing time watching last week's So You Think You Can Dance, which my sweet Mother records for me.  So clearly there was no time for a run to Globe drug at the time, we were too busy having fun!

So this morning after a couple of other errands, I made my way down there and found some great options.  Some of them I would have liked to have snatched up were too heavy and bulky to deal with all on my own, so I went with one that was lightweight and very functional, if not all that stylistically interesting.  I forgot to get a shot of it on its own, so here it is in its new home in Boot 78 at Kenrick Antique Mall, already laden with goodies:

Just the tall skinny shelf I've been looking for.  Plenty of room for treasures!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the big booth overhaul that went along with the handy new shelf.  In the mean time, here are a few other new bits, like some prairie-esque goodness for Fall, in both preppy and hippy styles!


And two very different examples of a little too much of everything:

High-collared, puffy sleeves, itty bitty pleats
and lace.  Victorian prim, although that strip
of lace down the front/center is not lined, so
there's a tiny bit of secret raciness going on.
Proof that 1970's craftiness knew no bounds.
A men's work shirt (JC Penney Big Mac)
with bandanna-flower appliques, eyelet lace
trim all over, and fancy red stitching.

And one example where, in my opinion, all the ribbons and lace and fancy stitching gets it just right, if you can see it (I'm not sure if I'm having trouble with my digital images, or my screen display, but everything's looking kind of blown out.  Can you see the details, or is it a white glare?  I just don't know!):

Pale, pale pink vintage Barbizon
bed-jacket (jammies top?)
So yes, if you're wondering, I am gearing up for Halloween costume-y goodness.  And here's one more little unrelated item that is also a bit over the top:

Fun psychedelic satin covered magic magnetic
photo album.  Flower (and paisley) Power!! 

Tomorrow night I'll post about all the rearranging I did at the booth today.  In the mean time, enjoy these fun link-ups I'm joining up with tonight:

Me and My Shadow's Magpie Mondays, Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday, and, late to the party, Cap Creation's Thrifty Love Link Party.  And say goodbye to Beez Rental Design's Frugal Treasures Tuesdays, where the pretty peacock-y mugs I posted about last week were featured.  She's discontinuing the link-up, but her blog is still a fun read!


  1. I didn't realize Globe Drugs was still open. It's been forever since I've been on Cherokee. Also that shirt with the bandana flowers...I feel like somebody in St. Charles is still wearing that.

  2. Hee! There's a fair possibility there is. I'm hoping someone will get a laugh out of it for Halloween or something. The Globe on Cherokee is gone (sad!), but the one on Broadway is still there.