Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The big find of the weekend

Saturday night I showed you guys some of the stuff I picked up that day, but not all.  I didn't show you the haul from the St Anthony of Padua church rummage sale in Dutchtown, for example:

They were having a bag sale, so I grabbed a lot of things I otherwise might not have.  No point not filling up the bag!
Some of the highlights include a pair of small souvenir trays (very small, like for change):

London scene, melamine, made in Italy
Colorado, kind of heavy, copper-plated?

Cute ceramic owl

Kitschy scoop and mug
Tiny pretty bud vase
The little bud vase is very sweet - sort of semi-hobnail, so that it looks somewhat sea-urchin-esque, the scoop is a great shade of green, and I just love the owl.  The trays were more just because the bag wasn't full, as was much of the rest of the contents of the table, except for these:

Very cool looking old icon.
3-D lenticular Madonna & Child
I have a big soft spot for kitschy religious iconography, and I don't know if I've seen much more kitschy than the plastic lenticular Madonna & Child above.  It's scratched up, and made of cheap plastic, but I don't care.  LOVE IT!  On the left is something much less cheap.  I'm not exactly sure who this is meant to be (to be honest, I only really know Mary, St Christopher because I've seen the medals, St Anthony and my favorite, St Francis).  I've decided to believe that thing he's holding is a stylized bird, and say this is St Francis.  He's on this padded blue velvet stand that's really quite pretty and I love him even if I have no clue what he's for.  
The best from the church, though, I already hung up in the booth:

Gorgeous chinoiserie needlepoint

This needlepoint is gorgeous.  I love how the scenery is all in tan and gray and creme neutrals and then there's the woman in rich bright blues and yellows.  The price sticker from the rummage sale pulled off a patch of the gold on the frame, unfortunately, but it's fun to know that under the gold that bamboo frame is for some reason bright red.

Another bit of needlework, this one obviously done free-hand, without a pattern.
 I love, love, love this!  I haven't read through it all, and I doubt I would understand all of what's in there, but just thinking about how much work went into it is overwhelming.  It has phrases like "vatican council II" and "sacrements", but there's also something about a purple sweatshirt, and the St Louis Cardinals, and various dates.  It starts with "An instrument of peace", which is what caught my eye first, and it ends with "Happy Birthday my friend Luv Tup.  What an amazing friendship this must represent, you know?  How many hours went into hand-stitching all of these memories?  It makes me sad that it ended up in a rummage sale, but I hope someone else will be as enchanted by the idea of the great love this represents as I am.  Here's a close-up on the center:

And yet that stuff was still not my big find.  The big find was this:

Sexy brown upholstered mid-century modern chair.  

This chair is gorgeous you guys!  I love it so, so much.  And it's comfy, too!  And if my new friend Mary Poppins didn't shed her body weight in fur per week all over my furniture and claw everything when I'm not home, I'd keep it for myself.  But I've put it in the booth because, essentially, it's too good for my house.  It's not perfect, though.  The upholstery is in great shape except for the points of the arm rests and one little slit in the cushion on front, but... you know, you can't really have the points of the armrests showing stuffing, can you?  Also (and this is an easy fix, but since I didn't realize it until I was moving it into the booth I haven't fixed it yet) one of the little brass foot-caps on the tapered legs is loose, so that if you grab it when you're trying to move it, it will slip off.  A little glue up in there will take care of it, so I just have to remember to bring some with next time I get to the booth.  Anyway, all of that is no big deal because the chair is just so hot!  It's not marked, although I did see a spot where there was a bit of paper stuck under one of the staples at the bottom, so it used to be.  A Google image search makes me think it's probably by Selig of Monroe.  Check out this one offered on Live Auctioneers:

This one has a taller back, but the same arms and tapered legs and it's even got the same V pattern of the buttons on the back, and I don't see any indication that this chair style was so iconic as to be copied by other companies, so I'm guessing mine is also Selig of Monroe.  And as much as I'd love to keep it for myself, it's available in booth 78 at Kenrick Antique Mall right now, along with the two framed needle-art pieces, and tons of other great stuff!

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  1. What a great chair! I love how mid-century elegant the fabric is. Great finds!

    1. I love the fabric too! If it could be matched to fix just the arms and the cushions, it would be so, so perfect!

  2. I'm in love with this chair too!

    1. Thanks! It's classing up booth 78 pretty nicely, I think!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, I love it too, and it's still there, in case anyone's interested!