Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Making up for last week

So you guys?  It's amazing how much stuff you can fit in an 8x8 space.  I have thought my booth was too full to really add much several times now, but every time I try, I find I was mistaken.  This week I added a bunch more clothing and accessories for my 20% off sale, and a ton of other stuff too.  The booth is crammed almost full enough for the big flea market day on May 19th!

Hopefully a bunch of stuff will sell this week and I'll have to add even more next week to be ready for it.  I'm ready for May to be my biggest month ever (I totally just typed 'biggest moth ever', which is not at all what I want in my antique mall booth full of vintage clothing - eek!).  Of course, my biggest month ever in terms of profit would be easy to achieve.  All I'd have to do is actually make a profit of more than ten bucks, but still!  May is going to pay, right?  I mean, cause it rhymes and stuff?  Right?  Anyway, here are some phone-photos of some of the new stuff that went into the booth.  I kind of forgot to take pics of most of the newest clothing, but I promise, it's there, along with:

Small old red/white enamel double-boiler, set of 2 strawberry print enamel nesting bowls, and a large Dansk Kobenstyle paella pan.
I wish I knew who it was that bought the small blue Kobenstyle pot from me a month or so ago, because I subsequently found the above huge matching Jens Quistgaard paella pan they might like to go with it.

Quite a collection of plastic drinkware
 You might be able to tell by the great lot of it I've accumulated above, that I quite like these insulated mugs and tumblers with the rattan (wicker?) under clear plastic.  I have 3 different sets plus one odd mug for sale in the booth now, along with the pair of cute aqua-handled cups on the right.

Small white hard-sided Samsonite suitcase. 
The little suitcase is nice - the interior is in great shape and the keys are in their original little envelope inside.  So cute!  And seriously, how creepy is the little girl with the ravens, or whatever is going on in that picture?  She's looking down at the flowers, but sometimes it looks like she's just got blank eyeballs!

A small Treasure Craft planter, 6 Fire King peach lustre soup bowls,
a cool pink and gray Pro-Tex trivet and a golf-
themed valet tray - mid-century goodness, all!

Fun old Pringles duffel. 
Wicker-woven frame purse - cute!

Lotsa hats, and a couple umbrellas!

More hats, purses, blouses, men's shirts, dresses, etc.

A new hat for the awesomest cardigan.

Cool graphic thermos.

One of the new dresses I added.  Snap-front
"Model Coat".  Love the appliqué!
Pretty pink doll trunk with gold starburst "wallpaper".

Tiny little blue enamel kettle-thing.
Nice little catchall, or pen-holder for your desk!

There's more, too.  Mugs and purses, dresses and an adorable child-sized pair of green-lensed cat-eye glasses... the booth is hoppin', I'm telling you!  Here are a few wider shots (I can't get the whole booth with my phone the way I usually do with my camera):

Far left.

Center left.

Center right.

Far right.

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