Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The feeling of freedom, for free!

If you're lucky, the best bits of anything aren't the parts you spend the big bucks on, but the moments you couldn't ever put a price on.

Tonight was one of those - after the sun was set, and the people had gone to bed, and the beach was deserted and time had been put away.

The roar of rushing waves on the darkened beach brought silence and stillness and real light to me for the first time in weeks.  I walked until every voice in my mind was calmed and my brain finally filled with the stars and the smell of salt and a lone gull and my feet in the sand, and gratitude to my God.  Then I turned around and felt the soft/strong wind and raised my arms and spread them wide and walked back up the beach with a sense of soaring and a wordless prayer, just a Being With.  The wind blew away all that has been churning and left room for peace.  If only I'll let it stay.

And here is some of the beauty that got me that far today.

Thistle by the highway

My mother's hydrangeas

Reflection on the water

Sunset melting

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