Friday, May 4, 2012

I missed you so!

Hello blogland, I've missed you!

It's been an insane last little while for me, and unfortunately it has kept me from this, the very therapy that often helps me embrace the crazy of my life.  This thrifty girl had to make a decision recently involving spending a large sum of money, a thing which makes me queasy under the best of circumstances.  So when trouble started popping up within hours of handing over the green, I won't lie: tears have been shed, and my stomach has not sat still for a couple of days.  At this point, I'm still feeling very attatched to my best metal friend Chester, and wishing I could just keep him and we could grow old together.  Unfortunately, he's kind of beaten me to it.  In car years he's nearly 70 already (hence the decision-making time when he started making scary noises).  But I am a willfully optimistic person.  I am still hopeful that everything will work out fine, so for now I won't be sharing the details of the large, silver purchase I made because I'm hoping when I do, I will be able to report that all is well and my new metal friend and I are getting along like peaches and cream. 

In the mean time, I thought I'd share with you a dirty little secret.  For the first time since I opened up shop at Kenrick Antique Mall on February 11 of this year, I let a week go by without adding any inventory to my booth.  This was not in any way by design.  I planned (and still do!) to add items every week forever, but life kind of crowded out the possibility this past weekend, and there's been no time since.  I managed to get into the booth for about 5 minutes this past Saturday morning right as they were opening up shop, though, to set up a sale:
I have tried everything I can think of to get this image to display right-side-down, but for some reason Blogger, in all its wisdom, insists on turning it on its site.  Still, you get the gist.  It hangs right-side-down in the booth at least!

That's right!  For nearly an entire week already, booth 78 at Kenrick Antique Mall has been having a 20% off sale on every fabulous piece of vintage clothing and accessories!  And I have no idea how it's been going, because I've been dealing with the tummy-flipping issues mentioned above, working 12-hour days, and generally stressing out.  By the time I get up there (Sunday afternoon if I'm lucky, but more likely some time on Monday), it will have been nearly 2 full weeks since I added anything, which I feel terrible about.  So the sale will continue another full week or more, and when I do finally get there, I will be adding more clothing, shoes, bags, etc., and whatever else I can get sorted and priced and ready in time.  I will also be looking at some ways to rearrange the booth in order to fit more in and show it off better, although that might remain in the planning stages one more week.  I will, however, have the rearranging and re-staging done (as well as lots more items added!) by May 19.  Why May 19th, you may ask?  Simple!  On May 19, Kenrick Antique Mall, home to the lovely booth 78 (otherwise known as 2ndhand Moon's retail home;) will be holding a huge flea market, covering acres of the Kenrick Plaza parking lot.  Vendors rent parking spaces and set up tables to sell their vastly varied wares.  There will be barbeque, and a pet rescue adoption center, and inside out of the heat, there will be aisle after aisle of lovely antique booths, most of which will be having sales.  On that weekend, tucked in the far reaches of aisle 3, you will be able to buy anything in booth 78 (not just clothing and accessories) at 20% off!  So mark your calendars and don't miss out, ok?

And for the sellers (or anybody else with an opinion) among you out there, a request for some advice:  would you recommend, for the weekend of the sale and/or in general, that I cram the booth as full as I can so people will have as much as possible to choose from, like this:
Photo borrowed from Tumblr

 or keep it a little more calm like usual:

 For example, do you think people should have a whole bunch of paintings and things stacked together they can/have to flip through to see properly, or if it can't be displayed, should it wait until something else sells before it goes into the booth?

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