Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New treasures (one new-new, others new in that I never got around to showing you before) and a booth update.

When I got back from my vacation last week I was hoping to have cleared out a ton of stuff at my antique mall booth so I could shift a ton of new stuff in (and get it out of my increasingly hoarder-ific house).  I was a bit disappointed.  Looking around, there were very few holes to fill.  So that day I did some rearranging.  Since I first moved into booth 78 at Kenrick Antique Mall in February, I've had a great old leather suitcase sitting on a luggage rack against the back wall, with some other items for sale sitting on top of it.  That day, I put a small old console table I had picked up in its place, and put the suitcase in the front corner, just sort of sitting there by the aisle, and everything that had been piled on it got piled on the table instead.  This week when I came in, the leather suitcase had gone!  Apparently using it as a table discouraged people from trying to buy it - who knew? Also sold: the cheery yellow retro telephone.  Two pretty substantial sales to kick off June, which is very exciting.

Also exciting?  May was my best month yet!  I only made 14 sales, but it was enough to bring me to an actual profit of almost $50!  That may not sound like much, but to me it sounds like Progress!  So while I do a happy dance around my still-cluttered living room, you can peruse the collection of lovely and wonderful things I did manage to fit into my slightly rearranged space today:

Glass carafes with various star-burst patterns.
American Express Travel Services carry-on.

Adorable sad-eyed basset hound Napcoware planter.

Tiny Oomphies multicolored lamé flats.
1940's vintage Androck nut grinder.

Pretty little quilted purse from Joseph's Shoes.

small pink and gold mid-century lamp.
Large mid-century swirl-glazed/wood table lamp.

Pair of Fire King mugs.
Another, later model Androck nut grinder.

Bright cute sherbet green stool/mini-table.

50's/60's vintage men's paisley/plaid shirt.

Of the above treasures, my favorite are:
-The Napcoware basset hound planter, which is so cute and doesn't eat and poop like a real dog.
-The first of the three carafes in the picture.  It has a very stylized handle and these slightly off, atomic-y star-bursts.
-The two lamps.  The first is so pop 50s with the pink and gold asymetry - I wish the picture had turned out better, but take my word for it, it's cute as a button.  The bigger one with the swirl glaze is a pretty Danish modern looking style that is understated enough to fit in with any decor but still have a point of view and a presence.  This was the one item I actually did just pick up on Monday afternoon when my Mom and I checked out the new DAV-serving Red Racks thrift store in Afton (my take on that coming soon).  
-Honorable mention to the shoes, because of the lamé, because of the pink satin interior, and because they're called Oomphies!

Now I'm off to Apron Thrift Girl to see how many awesome finds I'll have to peruse through there this week!  What about you - find any treasures?


  1. love your treasures, especially the nut grinders

    1. Thanks, they're one of those things you never think you need til you see how cool they are, aren't they?

  2. Oooh, I was so close to picking up that swirly lamp from Red Racks, but opted for an "I Dream of Jeanie" -esque glass one instead. Nice!

    1. Oh cool, a fellow St Louis thrifter. Your lamp sounds fabulous too! I had to work the weekend so I missed the 'grand opening' - did you get there for that? How was it?