Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just a quick hi

Hi all!  Just wanted to take a minute while I have time and access to let you know I haven't forsaken the blog.  I have had a super busy couple of weeks, been out of town part of the time and lost my little 3G/4G gadget that serves as my internet access at home and everywhere else (I'm not home much).  So while I don't feel too bad borrowing a minute from work to post my little explanation here, until I either find my gadget or accept that it's truly lost and get something else set up, I probably won't be posting.  See you soon!


  1. I've been wondering about you! Hope the booth is raking in the dough...I've slowed down a TON; I think because I haven't sold any furniture lately. It can be so discouraging! Can't wait to read about your latest thrifting adventures when you return to the blog!

  2. Oh thanks! 78's doing ok. I've actually finally started raking in real live "profits" in the double-digits :P
    Still I'll take it. It's an awfully fun jobby. I'm thinking about asking for a relocation if another space becomes available. I love your location - seems like there's so much more room, but I'm sure the missing wall actually gets annoying if you have stuff you want to hang... Anyway I'm going up there today to fluff up the booth and put in some new stuff for the sale this week. Are you participating?