Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Estate sale Saturday

I had Saturday off this weekend and put it to good use.  There were a fair little bunch of estate sales near me and I hit up quite a few.  I haven't gotten pictures of most of my finds yet, but here are the few that I have done:

An awesomely well-loved old Campfire Girls
handbook with hand-made chapter tabs.
Beautiful pink and teal 25th anniversary party invitations
from whenever something so gorgeous went for 59 cents
(how is it possible that printing has become so much easier
and presumably cheaper, but stationary like
this is exponentially more expensive?)
As usual my picture doesn't do it justice,
but this cheery little jar is full of all manner of
colorful beads and patches and whatnot. 
A 1960s "As seen on TV" Password party game.
I can't explain how much I love the spinner!
I'm actually sneaking these in - they're really from last
Wednesday's half-off sale at Value Village - the two
hats I picked up along with my beloved new fez.

A headband/hat/crown/veil-holder thingy?
Beautiful little seed pearls and rhinestones.

I love this little crafting bag with all the pockets labelled!

If I were craftier, I'd keep this for myself, but I'm really not -
I spend too much time thrifting to learn needlecrafts!
Linking up to Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday, later than ever this week!


  1. You sure did put your day off to good use! I love it when you have a good day going to estate sales- it's so disappointing when you take the time to go and don't find anything!

    I so love that campfire girls book!!!!

    1. A good estate sale is a beautiful thing, isn't it? I like them in large part for the voyeurism. I love buildings, especially older ones, and estate sales often give me a chance to see the inside of cool old houses I'd never see otherwise, many of which have avoided soul-removing renovations and still have great built-ins and old porcelain kitchen sinks or mod metal cabinets (and crazy pink bathrooms like my own!). To get to enjoy that -and- find treasures is just about the most fun way to spend a Saturday morning :D